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Tip for: 09.15.14

Perhaps you have multiple student aides, but they all use the same login, and you would like to know which one was the operator on Alexandria at the time something was being done. Or, have you ever had to leave the library and wondered if anyone was doing anything on Alexandria while you were gone? Using the Transaction Note feature can be helpful in both these situations!

Adding a Note to the Transaction Log (0:57) (info)

Keep track of activity using notes in the Transaction Log.

Download (10.6 MB) | Script (PDF)

The # command makes it easy to add a reminder or a "marker" so that you would be aware of anything happening while you are away from your computer or which student aide was at the computer when a transaction took place.

To add a note to the Transaction Log:

  • In the command line, type #' and the desired message. (i.e. Jan on Circ desk, or Librarian out.)
  • Press [enter].

The note will appear in the Transaction Log. Try it -- you'll like it!

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