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Have you been wanting to create displays in your library? Whether for New Arrivals or themed for Halloween or Christmas, you can use Alexandria to keep track of items On Display.

Creating Themed Displays (2:39) (info)

Whether for new arrivals or themed for Halloween or Christmas, you can use Alexandria to keep track of items On Display.

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There are two ways you can do this, depending on whether you want to allow the displayed copies to be checked out or not.

To set up a display of items that aren’t allowed to be checked out:

  • Open Patron Management.
  • Create a new patron named On Display.
  • Change their Policy to System Patron.
  • Give them a unique barcode (e.g. 51).
  • Check out all the items for the display to the patron On Display.
  • When items are no longer on display, Bookdrop them.

To set up a display of items that are allowed to be checked out:

  • Open Item Management.
  • For all items on the display, go to the Copies tab, and change the Copy Location or Copy Shelving to On Display.

To use a utility to change the Copy Location:

  • Use the Change Copy Location utility.
  • Under Options, fill in On Display.
  • Under Selections, check Show Additional Selections.
  • Fill in the Copies with Barcodes field with the barcodes of your display items.
  • Run the utility.

In Alexandria version 6 Utilities:

  • Use the Replace Information utility.
  • Change the drop-down menu to Copy Location.
  • Fill in On Display.
  • Change the Select By drop-down menu to Barcode List.
  • Enter the barcodes for the item in your display.
  • Run the utility.

These items will be available for check out while their locations show they are part of the display.

When an item is no longer part of a display:

  • Change the Copy Location manually from Item Management.


  • Use the above utility, selecting by a barcode list, and setting the location back to what it was or leaving it blank to clear the field.


  • Use the CH command in Circulation and scan the items back to their correct locations.

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