Tip for: 11.10.14

Have you ever had a need to check a book out for an extended period of time? Perhaps you charge fines and yesterday was a snow day and you don't want to charge fines for books not returned yesterday.

Setting an override date allows you to force a desired date in several different modes. When checking books out in Check Out, the date becomes the due date. In Bookdrop mode, the override date becomes the date the item was returned. Override dates can be used in Renewal mode to set the date a renewed item will be due. An override date can also be set in Inventory mode to set a date to be used as the inventory date.

To set an Override Date:

  • Select the desired mode by typing in the appropriate command code or using the Command drop-down menu.
  • Type "." (period) and the desired date (e.g. .12/30/14). Then press [enter].
  • Scan the patron's barcode, if applicable.
  • Scan the item's barcodes to be checked out, bookdropped, renewed, or inventoried.

To clear the Override Date:

  • Type "." and press [enter].

The override date will stay in affect until cleared, so be sure to clear it once you are done. Using this option can help with setting non-standard checkout periods, etc. Setting this mode will also keep you from having to forgive or remove fines due to school breaks.

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