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As part of Patron Policies, users can set the number of days that a patron's card is active. For some libraries this is used to track subscription renewals, etc. Others don't need patron's cards to expire and set this date to a large number to prevent the need for renewal. Alexandria allows users to completely disable expiration dates.

Disable Patron Card Expiration Dates (0:52) (info)

If you don't need your patron's cards to expire, you can Disable Card Expiration Dates.

Download (9.5 MB) | Script (PDF)

In 20.7, the term "card expiration" was renamed "account expiration" throughout Alexandria. Other than the renaming of some preferences and fields, nothing has changed.

For users that do not need or want patron cards to expire, they can set this preference and the program will ignore the Days Patron’s Card is Active preference in Patron Policies. No longer will these users have to renew expired cards. This will help to make running your library more efficient and better meet the specific needs of your library.

To disable expiration dates:

  • In version 6, select Preferences from the Edit drop-down menu.
  • In version 7, select Preferences.
  • Click on Patrons in the Management group.
  • On the Patron Rules tab, click the Disable Card Expiration Dates check box.
  • Click on Save.

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