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The Magic X (1:33) (info)

Use the X command to clear the current patron and item panes... and more.

Download (17.8 MB) | Script (PDF)

Have you needed to rush away from your circulation line and needed a quick way to clear the patron and item window? Here is a simple trick to clear the screens so that your patron's information remains confidential!

The “X” command is a great way to perform multiple, time saving, and confidential functions within the Alexandria Circulation screen. Let’s take a look at what the “Magic X” can do for you! 

Clear the Screen

  • With a patron and item current in Circulation.
  • Type "X" in the Command Line
  • Hit return on your keyboard.

Tada! In two quick keystrokes, you can clear your patron and item windows! 

What are other ways the Magic X can help you? 
Let’s say you print a list of what your current patron has out, and the patron disputes one of the transactions. Did you know that you can see that book’s status in the circulation without changing it?

In the Command Line, type an X, and follow it with the barcode, like this: x10101. This will allow you to see the status of the book without initiating any commands.

You can also do this with a patron. Say you are changing patrons homerooms, and one of your patrons walks up and asks you for a list of all her checkouts. Simply type x and the patron’s barcode. You can quickly print her list without skipping a beat!

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