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Think about all the reports you run in Alexandria. Now think how useful it would be to highlight important sections of those report PDFs. Don’t know how? Here are some tools to get you started.

Report sample

Edited with DocHub

Use Mac? 
Preview comes installed on your Mac, and it lets you edit PDFs with highlights, shapes, text, pen, and even your signature. Read more

Use Windows? 
Adobe Acrobat Reader will allow for basic highlights. OneNote will let you make highlights, and more depending on how you send the information to OneNote. Read moreWatch on YouTube

Looking for a web solution? - PDF Buddy requires an account, but it’s free, and good for quick highlights, drawing, and adding text. (Note: I had some issues using it with Chrome.) - DocHub also requires an account, and is free; it allows highlights, pen, text, images, and supplies various stamps. More options available in a paid version.

Kami (formerly Notable PDF) - Chrome extension (7-day trial), works with pdfs in google drive; allows highlighting, shapes, drawing, strikethroughs, text, and comments. More options available based on pricing.

What about iOS?

Some librarians recommend Notability.

What do you use? Let us know!

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