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Check out our Managing PDFs article for updated information on how to open PDFs automatically in each internet browser.

Reports in Alexandria generated in Circulation, or accessed through Operation Management, will download as PDFs to your computer. Did you know you can set your browser preferences to open these files for you?

To have Chrome open pdfs automatically:

  • Go to chrome://plugins in Chrome
  • Enable Chrome PDF Viewer
  • Download a PDF (e.g. in Circulation, Patron pane > Actions menu > History)
  • In the bottom left corner, click the arrow next to the downloaded file
  • Choose Always Open With System Viewer
    Always Open With System Viewer

Learn more for Chrome

You can choose how Firefox handles different file types:

  • Go to Firefox Preferences
  • On the left, click Applications
  • Find Portable Document Format (PDF) and set its Action

Learn more for Firefox

To configure Safari to open PDFs automatically:

  • Go to Safari Preferences, General
  • Check the box to Open “safe” files after downloading

Learn more for Safari

For Internet Explorer:

  • Open IE Preferences
  • On the left, click Internet
  • Check the box to Display PDF in browser
  • You may also need to Manage Add-ons and Enable Adobe PDF Reader.

Learn more for IE here And here

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