Tip for: 04.17.17

In Alexandria, you probably spend most of your time in the Command Line. Checking items out, renewing, placing holds, etc.—this can all be done through the Command Line… and done faster with keyboard shortcuts.

Circulation Commands

First off, your cursor will default to the Command Line in most cases. If you find yourself typing and nothing is happening, you’ve somehow lost focus, and will need to click back to the Command Line or use the tab key on your keyboard to find it again.

Second, it always pays to keep an eye on the Transaction Log, and to the Mode dropdown. Those will let you know that you are indeed in the mode you think you are.

In any case, no matter what mode you find yourself in, you can easily get back to Checkout mode by typing period (.) enter.

Here are some more very useful shortcuts: 
B = Bookdrop mode 
R = Renewal mode 
H = Hold mode 
X = clear the current patron and item 
= = apply the current command to the current patron and item 

Download a pdf cheat sheet!

Alexandria v6 Circulation Commands

Alexandria v7 Circulation Commands

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