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Imagine a world where you could customize the information on your barcode labels… if that is easy to imagine, it’s because that’s the world we live in: Alexandria already lets you customize your labels!

In version 6, your Barcode Label reports (Reports > Copies > Labels) give you 1 or 2 lines of custom text. By default this is the name of your Site, but you could enter anything in there. Many of the other label reports have a checkbox for ‘Include [x]’ where [x] is Author, Site, Barcode, etc.

Things get more exciting in version 7: Every label is customizable.

For each line that will fit on the label, you choose what data goes there. You can even change the colors of the lines.

Go to Reports > Copies > Labels and check out the reports there.

This is the 3x10 label report, usually used for barcode labels. Notice the numbers alongside the label area that tell you what size this label actually is—it is not shown in actual size!

3x10 labels

This is the 4x20 label report. Primarily for study program labels, this report lets you fill in the Study Program Name and choose the Study Program that you use. You could even put the barcode image on this label—it fits! (It’s just tiny.)

4x20 labels

Then we have the 8x6 Tall spine labels, 

8x6 tall labels

The 8x6 Wide spine labels, 

8x6 Wide labels

And the 5x10 spine labels. 

5x10 spine labels

All of these are set up so they could be used without any modification, or you can dig in and make these labels your own.

One last thing. In the Copies category of Reports, you will see a Legacy category. These are the old reports that don’t have the advanced customization. Now look at your Saved reports to see if you still have any that are using Legacy reports. If so, take some time to recreate your label reports with the new templates—this will give you more control over the content, as well as access to anything new we add to the reports. ...And, eventually, the Legacy reports will no longer be supported.

What do your barcode and spine labels look like now? Did you change them at all when you learned of the advanced customization you could do? We’d love to know! Send a screenshot and comments to, and we’ll post them on this page.

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  1. Anonymous

    Is it possible to have the Series name and volume to be printed on the spine label without doing it as custom text?  I would love to include the Series under the call number on my spine labels. I have cleaned up the series on the title page, so the data should be there.  Thanks so much!






  2. Myra AUTHOR

    Hi! This is not possible right now but will be coming in the future, reference issue ALEX-13181. Thanks!

  3. Anonymous

    I have followed these instructions but everytime the report comes up   with no results.

    I am trying to make new labels for new books. 

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