Tip for: 09.25.17

If you want to find items coming due next week, it would be simple to create a Loaned Items report and fill in the date range of next week. But what if you want to schedule this report? A specific date range wouldn’t work so well. In that instance, you would use Relative Dates.

As you may have guessed, Relative Dates select dates relative to the current date, instead of an exact date range. Some examples are ‘next week’ or ‘last month’ or ‘in the next 5 days’.

For our example, in version 7, you might want to set the Patrons with Items Due to ‘Next 1 Week’.

Relative Dates

In version 6, you might add a selection for Due Date, and enter from %today to %nextweek.

Relative Dates (v6)

Our v7 Support Center has a good explanation of how these Relative Dates work in v7. Read the article on Relative Dates.

For v6, see the article on Adaptive Dates to figure out what the valid codes are, and how they work.

See also: What date format do I use?

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