Tip for: 02.26.18

Did you know you could use your school logo in Researcher? In v7 there is a new preference for this. For v6, we can get a similar effect using Explore Builder (which you could also use for v7).

Displaying your logo in Researcher in v7:

  1. Open Preferences and go to Researcher.
  2. In the Researcher Module preferences, you will see a space for Logo.
  3. Choose a file or drop your logo file in the logo space.*
  4. If you want the logo to link to your school’s website, enter the URL under Logo Link.
  5. Save the preference.

*Your logo will need to be in png format, no larger than 100KB.

See the logo in Researcher!

Displaying your logo in Researcher in v6:

  1. From Tools, open Explore Builder.
  2. Locate your ‘v6 explore start’ or whatever you’ve named your starting Explore Pane. It should be in bold.
  3. Move the buttons around to make space for your logo. Note: Once you’ve cleared a space, it’s a good idea to right-click the area and ‘Clear button’ and ‘Clear button image’ to completely clear it.
  4. Drop your logo file in the button.*
  5. Give it some text (optional).
  6. Assign the button an action, like launching the URL for your main library page (also optional).
  7. Press OK.
  8. Save the Explore Builder.

*You can use a PNG, but a JPG may work better to position the logo.

Now when you launch Researcher, you should see your logo!

Note: Your browser will cache the buttons. So if you’ve changed the button, it may not display the updated button in your normal browser (until you clear the cache). Try viewing it in a different browser to see if it worked, or clear your browser cache.

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