Tip for 11.05.18

Can’t charge fines? Want to encourage patrons to return items on time anyway? Maybe suspending borrowing privileges will do the trick.

In Alexandria, you can set a number of days for which borrowing privileges would be forfeited per day an item is overdue. While not for everyone, it is a thought for solving the age-old problem of motivating patrons to return items on time. Follow these steps to set your suspension policy preferences: 

  1. Go to Preferences and click on Policies.

  2. Select a Patron Policy to edit the suspension settings.

  3. Click the Overdue tab on the Patron Policy side.

  4. Enter a number in the Days Suspended per Overdue Day field. For each day the item is overdue, the patron’s privileges will be suspended for this number of days entered here.

  5. Fill in the Maximum Days Suspended field to give it a limit.

  6. If you want Alexandria to count closed days as part of the suspension time, check the Suspend on Closed Days box.

  7. To have the patron notified of the suspension by email, check the last box (if your email is configured).

  8. Click Save.

  9. Repeat for any other policies.

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1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    I just tried this yesterday and received a bunch of books back!!   

    Thanks for the tip!


    Toutle Lake High School

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