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October 21st, 2019

From school calendars and teacher websites to OverDrive and GoodReads, there are a lot of helpful sites you'd like to make it easy for patrons to access. But the question remains... where should you post all of these links? With Alexandria, the answer is simple: add them to your Researcher pane by using Explore Builder!

Customizing your Researcher pane (or "home page") is easy with Explore Builder. In addition to adding new icons and links, you can choose which search interfaces to include. Do your patrons never use Scout? Simply remove the icon and replace it with something else. You can also choose whether or not to link to modules like Self Service, Bulletins, or Patron Status.

How do you do all this with Explore Builder? Read through our easy breezy instructions on modifying your Researcher pane and changing your designated Researcher pane.

You can also customize Researcher's look by switching up your Styles or adding your own logo.

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