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November 30th, 2020

Miss Honey uses Activity to keep track of how many patrons are coming to the library for book clubs. But when there's a long line of patrons, signing everyone in can take a while... Enter Activity Express! This new mode makes Activity sign-ins faster and—if necessary—hands-free.

With Activity Express, librarians can pre-set an activity so all patrons need to do is scan their barcode. Make it hands-free by setting up a scanner in a stand near the kiosk. That way, patrons can simply hold their library card (Library Cards 2x5 report) or phone (Patron Status mobile barcode) underneath the scanner.

See our updated Activity page for information on this new mode, including...

  • setting up Express Mode,
  • using Express Mode as a patron, and
  • customizing activities (reasons patrons visit the library).

Interested in using Activity in your library? 

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Activity is only available on v7. Still on version 6? Learn about switching to Alexandria 7! 

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