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September 27 2021

Patrons often ask Miss Honey where to find a specific poem or short story which isn't published as its own title. The patron would need to search a much broader topic first, and then think to search the index or the table of contents for the specific work they were looking for.  We have an easier solution–adding Contents Notes!

Contents Notes allow you to add in additional information about a title's contents, which then simplifies the Smart Search process for your patrons. For example, Contents Notes for an anthology may list the works included within the anthology, so if they search for a specific part of the anthology, the title that contains it will come up in their search. 

So how do you add Contents Notes

  1. Locate the Item record in Items Management using the Find command (< ctrl + f > on a PC or < cmd + f > on a Macintosh).

  2. Unlock the record.

  3. Click on the Notes tab, then click Add at the bottom right to select 505 - Formatted Contents Notes.

  4. Enter the desired information.

  5. Click OK at the bottom-right, then Save in the upper-right corner of the Items Management window.

 If it is a list of songs on a CD or a list of the short stories in a book of short stories, just list the various titles or short stories in the Content Notes field with a <space> - - <space> between them and a period ( . ) at the end, and they will be searchable (see the screenshot for an example of what this looks like). 

Take a look at the Notes tab of the Items Tabs page for more information. 

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