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April 10, 2023

In this week's tip, we're highlighting some of our favorite features in Patrons that you may not be utilizing. Let's dive in!

Pasha prefers the nickname "Your Majesty"

  1. Did you know your patron email field (Other Emails) can have up to five email addresses? Just separate them by commas and no spaces. This is helpful if you have multiple people who want email notices, such as guardians or student advisors. (You can also do Texting in addition to email. See Just Text Me Please!)
  2. Use the contact note to record any contact info you don't need to use, e.g. a personal email address, or for younger patrons, you can list the info of people to contact with questions or issues. 
  3. The Nickname field lets you keep track of patron nicknames or preferred names. You can also search by nickname in Patrons Management, and in the lookup command in Circulation. The nickname will show up in multiple areas of the program, including Patrons Management, Circulation, self-service, patron status, and more. 
  4. In the Alexandria Makeover, you can see there are Quick Stats for the patron record to the right of the top info fields. But did you know you can click on them to jump to the various information? Try it out!

What are your favorite features in Patrons? Tell us in the comments! 

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