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Add Patron Record

Add Patron

Click the  Add at the bottom of the Records List pane to open a new, blank record so you can add the new patron information.

Fill in all the necessary fields, drop-down menus, and checkboxes in each of the Patrons management tabs (such as first and last name, address, and so forth). Click <tab> to move to the next blank data entry field, or press <shift-tab> to move to the previous blank data entry field.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Add Patrons
  1. Log in to the Patrons module.
  2. Click the Add Patron button located near the bottom of the patrons Records List pane to add a new patron record to your database.
  3. The Patrons management module will be cleared of all but your default values, some of which are required in order to save your new patron.
  4. Move between the Personal InfoContact InfoNotesStatistics, and Lexile tabs, providing information, configuring options, and making changes to the patron record as needed.
  5. At the very least, Last NameBarcode, and a Security Group are required to save your new patron. However, we suggest you also provide a unique UsernamePassword, and contact Email address during the creation of your patron.
  6. Additionally, you can use the drop-down menus to supply the new patron's PolicyStatus, and Sex.
  7. Use the Notes tab to add any special patron alert notes.
  8. Next, if you intend to give your new patron any operator privileges (e.g. Student Aide), use the Site Access selection to mark the sites that your patron is permitted to access. Otherwise, leave this selection alone.
  9. Click Save to add your new patron record or Revert to discard them.

Special Considerations

  • Usernames must be unique. If the username you've selected is already in use, Alexandria will ask you to choose another.
  • A patron's default password is their last name. 
  • Passwords are not case-sensitive.
  • Operators and patrons are saved to the database by username and barcode, so they can have duplicate first/last names and security groups.
  • The only required fields are Barcode and Last Name; however, we highly recommend you enter a unique username, email address, and security group (other than Patron) for each new operator.
  • Alexandria automatically assigns a barcode number based on the value you've provided in the Next Barcode field of the Patron Defaults preferences.
  • Most patrons won't need to have their Site Access indicated; however, if you intend to give your new patron any sort of operator or library management privileges (e.g. Student Aide), use the Site Access selection to mark the sites that your patron is permitted to access.
    • When creating a new patron with security equal or greater than Library Aide, the patron's assigned site is automatically added to their site access list when the record is saved, if it has not already been added.

  • We suggest administering a user-defined Policy and Status. Assigning the correct patron policy is important when certain patron groups need to stand apart in statistical reporting.
  • By default, newly created patrons (i.e normal library patrons and not operators) are assigned the Patron Security Group level; this level doesn't allow any access to the Data Station or management-side of the program.
  • You can quickly import hundreds of patrons if you have their data in electronic format.

If you would like to add a patron's picture at this time, you can upload a JPEG, GIF, PNG, or BMP (or any other image format that your browser supports) using the Browse for Patron Picture selection from the primary Actions menu of Patrons Management. Alternatively, you may drag the patron picture from your operating system desktop into the picture field of the Patron Management window's Personal Info tab. Larger images will be auto-sized and shrunk (or stretched) to fit the 240 x 186 pixel specifications if they're revealed to be too large (or small). Either way you choose, the patron picture should now appear in the right-hand area of the Personal Info tab.

Once you have provided all the necessary information for this patron , click the Save button in the upper-right corner of the Patrons management module. If you want to ignore the information you have entered, click the Revert button and the previous patron or patron will be displayed. Clicking Save button causes the new patron to appear in the patrons Records List pane of the Patrons management module.