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Add Titles

Last Updated: Apr 22, 2020 11:03

Add Titles

This is used to add new Title Records. Import Data for copy related fields is ignored. This is valid for Tab Delimited and MARC import data. For each import record, only Title fields are examined so that only new Title Records are added. Import Data for copy related fields is ignored.

Reject Import File: If the import file is a Tab Delimited file and there is "Title" field in the import header this is an error and the import terminated with "Title Field required in import records. Import Cancelled." The import is cancelled.

Ignore Rules Barcode Handling; Title Update Matching Rules, and Copy Data Options.

Record Error Logging: Added Title must have a valid Title of one or more characters (at 245a) "missing Title data, import record ignored." is logged in the Summary and the imported record is ignored.

Title Import Options are honored. A new Title is created for every import file record with valid Title Data.

The Summary file ends with:

  • Title Records Exmained xxxx
  • Title Records Updated xxxx
  • Title Records Ignored xxxx

Import Electronic Resources

File Type

If your eBook records are from a vendor, we recommend using a MicroLIF or MARC file. Use tab-delimited instead if you're importing records from a spreadsheet or want to catalog a list of webpage or PDF links.

Import eBooks or Electronic Resources

  1. Go to Tools > Import > Items.
  2. From the Imports pane, click Choose File to open a finder/explorer window.
  3. On your computer, locate the file you want to import, and then click Open.
  4. Make the appropriate selections on the Settings tab: 
    1.  Settings tab Selections

      Items import Settings tab (selections for importing eBooks)

      Import Settings
      • Add Titles. Selected. Adding title records only.

      • Always add at least one Copy. N/A. Copy settings are ignored.
      • Title Update Matching. N/A. This setting is ignored.

      Before Importing
      • Skip First Record if Field Mapping. This option should be checked if you have included a header row in your spreadsheet. Leave it unchecked if there is no header row identifying the column contents.

      Barcode Handling
      • Starting Item Barcode. N/A. Copy settings are ignored.

      • Reassign Only Duplicate Barcodes. N/A. Copy settings are ignored.

      • Remove Leading Alpha Characters. N/A. Copy settings are ignored.

  5. Make the appropriate selections on the Options > Titles tab: 
    1.  Options > Titles tab Selections

      Title Data Defaults
      • Title Policy / Use Call Number Policy Mapping. Select the policy for any new titles, which would be the eBook or electronic resource policy for your library. Or, turn on Use Call Number Policy Mapping to let the system determine policies based on call number; only use this selection if Policy Mapping has been configured AND your file contains call numbers.

      • Replace MARC Records on Title Match. N/A. This setting is ignored; leave it unchecked.

      Copy settings will be ignored, so there's no need to make any selections on the Options > Copy tab.

  6. Click Run at the bottom of the Import interface to queue the selected import.

See the eBooks section for more information on adding these to your catalog.