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Last Updated: Aug 16, 2022 14:58

MARC record management powered by Mitinet® is now available as an exclusive Alexandria integration. Contact our Sales Team if you're interested in adding it to your library!

Mitinet sets the standard in metadata management. Virtual cataloging offers quick and convenient ways to analyze, enhance and standardize your MARC data. Make your catalog more helpful and discoverable by adding reading program information, converting to RDA format, fixing tags, genrefying, and more!


There are three Mitinet services that help libraries manage their MARC records.

Alexandria AnalyzeMARC powered by Mitinet

Mitinet AnalyzeMARC is a fully-integrated utility within Alexandria that allows you to perform and receive a comprehensive analysis of your catalog’s MARC data!

  • Get an analysis of your catalog through the Mitinet AnalyzeMARC utility, which includes...

    • Holdings by Location
    • Collection Types Statuses
    • AACR2 / RDA Cataloging Standards
    • MARC Record Fields Status
    • Brief Record Summary
    • Award Notes
    • Subject Headings
    • Reading Programs
    • Duplicate Records Summary

Alexandria EnhanceMARC powered by Mitinet

EnhanceMARC is entirely integrated within Alexandria, meaning MARC data enhancements can be made from within Alexandria’s interface. No exports or imports necessary!

  • Enhance your records with the Mitinet EnhanceMARC utility, including...

    • Award Notes
    • Reading Programs
    • Subject Headings
    • Record Repair
    • RDA Conversion

Alexandria BestMARC powered by Mitinet

In addition to the benefits of AnalyzeMARC and EnhanceMARC, BestMARC subscribers will be able to send records from Alexandria to their BestMARC account for advanced analysis, enhancement, and editing. When finished, those improved records can be sent back to Alexandria with the click of a button.

After using the Mitinet BestMARC utility to send records to BestMARC, users have access to...

  • Record Source & Cataloging. Search, original cataloging.
  • Subject Explorer. Find and add new subjects.
  • Global Editing. Create and save powerful instructions to make batch changes to your database.
  • Workflows. Combine Enhancements and Global Edits sequentially for easy processing.
  • Lists & Selections. Focus on smaller groups of records.
  • Checkpoints. Side-by-side record comparison, undo changes.
  • Collaboration Tools. Account Management, Sharing Features.

Mitinet and Alexandria Terms

  • Alexandria AnalyzeMARC powered by Mitinet. MARC database analysis tool.

  • Alexandria EnhanceMARC powered by Mitinet. Automated enhancements to MARC records.

  • Alexandria BestMARC powered by Mitinet. MARC record sourcing with automated cataloging, editing, workflows and collaboration tool.


Interested in getting some Mitinet services for your library? Here's what you'll need to do!

Alexandria EnhanceMARC powered by Mitinet

  1. Contact Alexandria's Sales Team to add EnhanceMARC to your license.
  2. Once EnhanceMARC is activated, you can use the utilities in Alexandria.

Alexandria BestMARC powered by Mitinet

  1. Contact Alexandria's Sales Team to add BestMARC to your license.
  2. Once BestMARC is activated, you can use all Mitinet utilities in Alexandria. Though you'll probably want to set up your BestMARC account first.
    1. In order for the Mitinet BestMARC utility to work, you need to link your BestMARC and Alexandria accounts in BestMARC Preferences.
  3. Within 48 hours, you will receive a welcome email from Mitinet with the URL and login credentials to access BestMARC's web-based software portal.
  4. A Mitinet representative will contact you to help set up your profile in BestMARC.
  5. Your Mitinet representative will then set up a training to help you get started with BestMARC. Additional trainings may also be set up if you need more to feel comfortable with BestMARC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whom should I contact for technical support?

Questions about imports should be directed to COMPanion Customer Support, and questions about orders, MARC record quality, or any other MARC information should be directed to Mitinet's support team.


Preferences and Tools

Enable BestMARC. When enabled, BestMARC will show in the Vendors dropdown menu in the Current Item pane of Circulation. Regardless of whether BestMARC is enabled or not, the BestMARC operations will show up in Utilities.

Vendor URL. This field contains BestMARC's current web address and is used mainly for reference.

Operations. Run the Mitinet AnalyzeMARC, Mitinet EnhanceMARC, and Mitinet BestMARC utilities.

Authenticate. In order to use the Mitinet BestMARC utility, you need to link your BestMARC and Alexandria accounts so they can send records back and forth. You'll only need your BestMARC username and password.

Authenticate is a user preference. Alexandria and BestMARC accounts are linked per user.

Best Practices

Here are some general recommendations for getting the most out of our Mitinet services.

Run the Mitinet AnalyzeMARC utility once a year. 

Although you can run this utility and get a diagnostics report up to four times a year, we recommend doing it once per year (during summer or winter break). This allows you to check on your MARC records and do potential cleanup when things aren't busy.

Run the Mitinet EnhanceMARC utility once a month.

Although this utility can be run more often than that, once a month is what we recommend. And you may not need to use the same options each time! For example, while you'll probably want to update reading program information every time, you may only want to do an RDA conversion once a year. 

Check out BestMARC's Enhancements documentation to learn about all of the Mitinet EnhanceMARC utility's options. That way, you can decide which to use for your library and how often.

Be careful changing punctuation.

For the Mitinet EnhanceMARC utilitywe do not recommend using the Update Punctuation option as it's unnecessary in Alexandria and records look better without it.

If you decide not to use this option, you may notice unresolved punctuation errors in your AnalyzeMARC diagnostic. That's okay.

Test options with one title.

The Mitinet EnhanceMARC utility has a lot of options for modifying MARC data. To learn what they do and if you would like to use them, you can reference BestMARC's Enhancements documentation or simply test them out with only one title selected. Then you can easily see what the changes look like.