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Discover Something New

“Search is for finding a needle in a haystack. Browse is for playing in the haystack." – Bill Schjelderup, Founder

Students don't always search for a book by author and title. Instead, they often ask questions like, "Where are the scary books?" Many libraries are genrefying their collections to engage their readers and allow younger patrons to be more independent, but moving your books around can take a lot of work and planning. Browse gives your students a new way to look through your library shelves by genre — no searching or rearranging required.

Make it easy to access Browse by adding an Explore button to your Researcher pane. Save the Browse icon to your computer, then read Configure Explore Buttons to learn how to set it up.

New Feature: Browse (1:38)

Browse is a unique way to discover something new. Scroll through your library shelves by newest, highest rated, or genre — no keywords required. Genrefy your library without moving books around!

  • Browse by Newest, Highest Rated, or Genre.
  • Choose up to 10 genres to view at a time.
  • Scroll through the shelves, just like you would at the library.
  • Items are sorted by Title Call Number. 
  • Change the style in Preferences.

Mobile and Desktop Friendly

Access Browse

Access Browse by adding /browse to your library's URL or by adding an Explore pane to Researcher.

Browse By

Open the menu to change your browse criteria.


View up to 50 of the most recently added items in your library in the last 180 days.

Highest Rated

View up to 50 of your library's highest rated items. Items are sorted by highest average rating then highest number of reviews.


View titles by genre.

Not sure if you're in the mood for mystery or science fiction? That's okay – you can select up to 10 genres at a time. Tap a genre to select it, or tap it again to remove it. If your library has a lot of genres to scroll through, type into the filter to narrow the options. When you're ready, tap Go to view your shelves. If there aren't any results, click Try Again to go back to the menu and choose new genres.

The drawer will remember your most recent genre selections so you can come back to make adjustments. But if you switch from Genre to Newest or Highest Rated, your selections will be cleared.

Shelf View

Cover art sits on top of a bookshelf, just like it is in the library, sorted by title call number in ascending order. E-resources, like items from Mackin or Capstone, will have a banner on top of the cover art and a link to the resource in Details view. Browse will generate a generic cover for items that don't have cover art.

View up to 50 titles for Newest or Highest Rated and 500 titles for Genre. The number of results for your query is listed in the top right corner of Browse. If there are more than 50, click the number to pop open the slider. Scroll, swipe side-to-side, or use your keyboard arrow keys to move through your shelves.


When you find something interesting, tap the cover art to open the item details. See its average rating and number of reviews, read the item description, locate it on a library map, or log in to place it on hold or add it to a list. Swipe or tap the arrows on the left or right to continue browsing in details view. Tap outside the details view or hit ESC on your keyboard to go back to Shelf view.


No results found? That can happen for a few reasons:

  • The genre you've chosen is no longer available.

  • You're browsing by Newest, but your library hasn't added any items in the last 180 days.

  • The library you're searching in doesn't have any items. Unlikely, but possible.

Click Try Again to open the menu and change your selections.

Browse Preferences

(warning) SITE Preference

Manage your browse style and login settings in Tools > Preferences > Researcher > Browse.

Require Login to Access Browse

When checked, users will be asked to log in when they open Browse.

When not checked, will only be asked to log in when they try to place an item on hold or add it to a list. 


Choose a style for Browse. This can be different from the style used in other Researcher modules, such as Scout and Search.

Bubbly Ocean





Check your Researcher preferences, too. If Auto-Hide is enabled, titles that don't have any copies will be hidden from results in Browse.