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Circulation Reports

Last Updated: Mar 25, 2022 15:53

Tools > Reports > Circulation

Report NameWhat does the report generate?
Loaned Items Information List of loaned and temporary items along with their due dates
Overdue Items or Unpaid Charges InformationList of both overdue items and unpaid charges along with due dates and charge amounts
Overdue Items Information List of items that are overdue
Temporary Items Information List of temporary items currently checked out to patrons
Charges and Payments
Forgiven Charges List of charges that have been forgiven within a certain date range
Patron Payment History List of past patron payments and credits from a specified time period
Refunded Payments List of refunds, including methods, amounts, and reasons
Coming Due Items Notice Notices for patrons letting them know that their items are due soon
Damaged Items Notice Notices and/or mailing labels for parents of patrons with damaged item fees
In-Stock Hold Notice Notices for patrons letting them know that an in-stock hold is ready for them to pick up

Loaned Items Notice

Notices to inform patrons of items they currently have checked out. 
Needed for Reservation Notice List of patrons with items due in the near future that are needed for reservations
Overdue Items or Unpaid Charges NoticeNotices for patrons with overdue items and/or unpaid charges
Overdue Items Notice Notices for patrons with items that are overdue
Unpaid Charges Notice Notices for patrons with charges, fines, and/or fees that haven't been paid yet
Reservation Labels

Labels for items and equipment with reservations

Reservation Packing List

List of upcoming reservations so you can prepare them to go to their proper patron/location

Reservation Picking List

List of upcoming reservations for pulling and delivering items

Reservations List

List of future reservations, including the patron name, title, date range, and more

Reserved Items List

List of items that have been placed on reserve