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Circulation Rules

Last Updated: Dec 16, 2021 14:08

Circulation Rules

Preferences > Circulation > Circulation Rules tab
(warning) SITE Preference

These preferences configure general circulation settings for, among other things, holds, reservations, and charges.

Holds Settings
  • Email Librarian on On-Shelf Hold. When checked, Alexandria will use the Email address(es) specified in the Sites Management window to notify operators when a Hold (placed on an item from the Researcher) is changed to an On-Shelf Hold. Notifications are not emailed to operators when an item status changes to On-Shelf as a result of a Bookdrop from the Circulation window; operators are typically aware when this happens.
  • Allow Renewals When Holds Are Pending. When checked, patrons are allowed to renew items which have hold requests pending from other patrons.

Centralized Catalog
  • Alert for Copies from Different Sites. Set this dropdown to get special alerts when working with copies that don't belong to the site you are working at.
Overdue Settings
  • Hide Overdue Payment Window in Bookdrop Mode. When checked, if the Circulation window is in Bookdrop (B) mode, a patron is automatically fined (without requiring operator interaction) when an overdue book is returned.

Reservations Settings
  • Days to Look Ahead for Reservations. This setting allows you to enter the number of days prior to a reservation's requested start date needed to prepare an item for reservation. This way, items with reservations can (a) be available for general circulation X number of days before their scheduled reservation start date, and (b) fulfill their requesting patron's reservation. During check in, if an item reservation is detected within this adjacent “days ahead” time period, Alexandria will notify the current operator. The “GG” and “GPP” circulation commands also take this setting into account before allowing you to check out an item that has a reservation. Regardless of your policies, when an item with a reservation is checked out to the requesting patron, the item due date will always be the reservation end date. This is also the number of days that Alexandria looks ahead before emailing upcoming reservation notifications. The default is 5 days.
  • Notify Librarian on New Reservation. When checked, Alexandria will email notifications to operator(s) (specified in the Sites Management window) when a patron places a reservation on an item.
  • Notify Patron of Upcoming Reservations. When checked, Alexandria will email notifications to patrons about upcoming reservations.