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Circulation Settings

Last Updated: Dec 16, 2021 14:13

Circulation Settings

Preferences > Circulation > Circulation Settings tab
(warning) SYSTEM Preference

These preference contain some general circulation settings. For those in a Centralized Catalog environment, the Interlibrary Loans settings configure the default time periods (in days) allowed for items “in transit” or “in-stock” before showing up in the In Transit to Current Site, Late in Arriving report.

  • Enable Automatic Email Notifications. Check this box if you want to email confirmations and notices automatically sent to patrons with valid email addresses when the following events occur: a hold is placed, a hold expires, an in-stock hold is available, an in-stock hold expires, item becomes overdue, a reservation is placed, or a reservation is removed. To make this option available and to guarantee that your email notifications are being sent, you must have a valid Library Email Address (Sites Management), a valid patron email address (Patron Management), text in your Letters Preferences, and this Enable Automatic Email Notifications box checked.

The third-party billing feature is no longer available. However, it may be replaced by a new mechanism in future releases.

Interlibrary Loans
  • Disable In Transit Features. When this box is checked, In-Transit features are disabled (e.g. circulation commands “CH”, “IT”, “NT”, “NTD”, and System Patron 9); the only In-Transit related operation that can be performed is Bookdrop.
  • Average In Transit Period. Specify the average number of days that it takes for items to be delivered from one site to another. Once this time period has elapsed, if the item has not been received at the expecting library, it will appear in the In Transit to Current Site, Late in Arriving report. Default is 7.
  • In-Stock Hold Period. For items delivered to a site via the In Transit system patron; this preference sets the number of days that an item (or items) are placed on an In-Stock Hold after delivery. This preference overrides the Days to Keep an In-Stock Hold Request patron policy, however, it does not apply to items placed on In-Stock Hold for regular (i.e. non-system) patrons. Default is 7.