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Cloud Hosting

Last Updated: Jun 22, 2019 15:22

When Alexandria is hosted in the cloud, you save time and resources. From our advanced data centers, we perform daily archives and backups of your data and handle all the updates and upgrades to ensure you always have the latest features.

Database Administration & Support

Setup-free; no software installation, no necessary maintenance. Specialized staff with tools to monitor performance, connection, and stability 24/7.

Dedicated Connection

An internet connection gives you access to Alexandria anywhere in the world. We provide the DNS name for your library (e.g. Communications between you and our servers are safe and secure (https). No special ports or firewall configurations; third-party connections are hassle-free. Redundant internet connections, battery-backup, and generator-protected power.

No need to purchase hardware

We install your Data Station and host your library database in our data center. Hosted servers use state-of-the-art hardware for optimal performance and reliability.

Join us in the Cloud!

If you would like to license the use of COMPanion’s hosted service or would like to order a DVD-based backup of your data, contact your sales representative at (800) 347-6439 for information and pricing.

If you’ve already licensed use of COMPanion’s hosted service and have questions or problems during installation, contact COMPanion's 24-hour Customer Support.

  • Telephone: 1-800-347-4942
  • Email: