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Custom Label Reports

Alexandria custom label reports give you a way to control and customize the look of your barcode and spine labels. You can choose what information to display, where it's displayed on the label, and whether it's bold, regular, or even colored.

Custom Label Reports (5:21) (info)

Set up the content and format of your label reports to print specialized labels for your patrons and items.

Download  (63 MB) | Script (PDF)

Formatting Options

Custom label reports contain loose representation of an actual label in height and width; these are not meant to be an exact—just enough to get a rough feel for how they are laid out. Each field in the template can be customized using the options on the right. Formatting options can vary based on the type of data you've chosen to display in that field. For example, a Barcode Image cannot be bold.


Select the data to be displayed in the selected field. For copy labels, this includes things like Barcode Number, Title, Author, Call Number, Study Program data, etc. For patron labels, this includes things like Last, First Name, Barcode Number, Homeroom, Grade, or Custom Text. In the label portion on the left, select the line you want to change and then pick from the Data drop down.


Choose if this field will be small (1 row) or large (2 rows). The text will be formatted to fit the size. Labels are limited by the number of rows, so not all of them can be large.


Position the text (or barcode image) on the left, right, or center of the label.


If you are printing these labels on a color printer, you can have certain fields show up in different colors: black, blue, red, purple, green, brown, and orange.


Format the text in this field bold.

Study Program

If this field shows study program information, choose which study program to include.

Include Labels

Include a short code label (two letters) to identify the study program on the label.

When you're finished customizing your labels, click Create Saved Report so it's ready the next time you need it. Remember to give it a descriptive title so you know exactly what the labels are formatted for.