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Group Search

Group Search functionality gives independent Alexandria libraries the ability to share resources with each other, yet still manage and control their own collections and Data Stations autonomously—maintaining control over policies, preferences and cataloging. With the Group Search interface, patrons can simultaneously search remote groups of Alexandria libraries in your wide area network, not just their individual or district libraries.

Perform a group search

This step-by-step will lead you through the process of performing a group search.

  1. Use the library drop-down menu in the header bar to select the desired Data Station search group; they are displayed in the order they were created.
  2. Next, use the Search Type drop-down menu located above the Search field to select the type of search you wish to perform. We typically recommend the Smart Search (default) search type to locate information in your collection(s). However, you may also choose to search by Authors, Call Number, Series, Subjects, and Titles.
  3. Enter a search query by typing a few descriptive keywords (single words or phrases) in the Search field via keyboard or “copy and paste”. Alternately, for those who can't read or write fluently and find text-based searches difficult (or impossible) to use, click one of the large, graphic elements in the Explore pane to perform a search.
  4. As you type, Alexandria will start returning the most relevant results immediately. If you continue typing, Alexandria will keep refining the results; to broaden or restrict the search, include more or fewer terms. It is recommended that you start with the most general search terms first and then more specific search terms if you can't locate your item.

The results returned from an Group Search-based search look exactly the same as those from a standard search.