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Import Field Mapping

Last Updated: Jan 12, 2023 12:14

If the import file is recognized, Alexandria will automatically sort, organize, and match the information to the correct, specified fields. If the import file is missing a header, it will not be recognized. The relationships between fields and attributes of different names and types may not match and have to be mapped. Alexandria will require you to set your patron and item field mapping in order to proceed.

Use the Field Mapping dialog to specify where data from the import file belongs in Alexandria; in other words, match data in the import file to specific Alexandria fields. Data from the import file is shown on the left-hand of the window while Alexandria field names are shown on the right-hand side.

Data is imported in sequential order; use the white up and down arrows to correctly align the fields of the import file. Click on a field to exclude it from the import; clicking on fields will toggle them between a green  and a red . See Item Import Fields by Field Number for more information on the fields that can be imported.

When you've finished matching Alexandria fields to the information in your file, click the Set button.

If you have a patron with a combined first and last name (one that has not been separated by tab delimitation), use this field to split the name into First and Last Name during import.

Patron Import Fields

When importing patron records, Alexandria looks for a header that contains a file designation of PT01 to specify patron information.




Barcode1000Limit 15 characters
First Name1007Limit 25 characters
Last Name1006

Limit 25 characters

If a patron has multiple last names and you only want to import one, you will need to modify the import file to reflect that.

Middle Name1008Limit 25 characters
Nickname1070Limit 25 characters
Policy1028Limit 4 characters
Uses policy short code as specified in Preferences.
Status1026Integer indicating Status: 1=Active, 2=Card Lost, 3=Suspended, 4=Transferred, 5=Inactive, 6=Other
Government ID * 1002Terminology field, often named SSN
Location * 1004Terminology field, often named Homeroom
Sublocation *1005Terminology field, often named 2nd Location
Level * (Grade)1010Terminology field, often named Grade
Community ID * 1001Terminology field, often named Student #
Site1050Site code as specified in Site Management
Optional Date * 1048

Limit 12 characters
Terminology field, often named Graduation Date

Address1011Limit 100 characters
Address 288
City1012Limit 100 characters
State1013Limit 100 characters
Postal Code1014Limit 100 characters
Country1016Limit 100 characters
Telephone1017Limit 25 characters
Date of Birth1045Limit 12 characters
Sex1032Integer indicating sex or gender: Unknown=0 or U, Male=1 or M, Female=2 or F
Contact Notes1020Limit 1000 characters
General Notes1021Limit 2000 characters
2nd Phone Number * 1018Limit 25 characters
Terminology field, often named Mobile or Fax
Primary Email1019Limit 100 characters
Other Emails1054Limit 100 characters
Categories1025Limit 1000 characters
Separate category terms with \
Patron Accession Date1046Limit 12 characters
Additional Contact * 1049

Limit 100 characters
Terminology field, often named Parent/Guardian

Username1052Limit 100 characters
Lexile Table1060

Limit 300 characters
All grades contained in single string, rows separated by // and cells by II (e.g. Patron ID<tab>//gradeIIscoreIIsourcelldate ...repeated as necessary)

Password - Encrypted1063

Limit 30 characters
This option is used when importing a password that is already encrypted MD5

Password - Plain Text
Import, only.
Card Exp. Date1047Limit 12 characters
Lexile1051Limit 4 characters
Reading Level *1053Terminology preference field
Patron GUID1200Limit 100 characters

* terminology

Item Import Fields

While importing, Alexandria looks for a header that contains a file designation of FT01 to specify item information.

Copy Barcode2000852_pLimit 15 characters
Copy Site Code2023852_aLimit 8 characters
Copy Location *2024852_b

Limit 8 characters
Terminology preference field

Shelving Location *2027

Limit 32 characters
Terminology preference field

Copy Accession Date2009852_1Limit 12 characters
Copy Inventory Date2008852_1Limit 12 characters
Copy Volume2064
Limit 30 characters
Copy Call Number2025852_hLimit 50 characters
Copy Policy Code2013

Limit 4 characters

Copy Serial #2441
Limit 50 characters
Copy Condition2017852_1Limit 4 characters
Vendor2016852_1Limit 50 characters
Purchase Cost2012852_9

Limit 7 characters, up to $99,999.99
Must include decimal (5.00 NOT 5)

Replacement Cost2011

Limit 7 characters, up to $99,999.99
Must include decimal (5.00 NOT 5)

Special Funds *
Limit 45 characters
Terminology preference field
Copy Notes2018852_xLimit 1000 characters
Copy Alert Notes2019852_zLimit 1000 characters
Title Volume2026092_vLimit 30 characters
Primary Author2100100_a
Sub Title2246245_b
Statement of Responsibility2247245_c
Publisher Place2260260_a
Publication Year2262260_c
Other Physical Details2302300_b
Accompanying Material2304300_e
General Note2500500_a
Content Notes2501505_a
Target Audience2521521_a
Review Source2522521_b
Lexile Value2757521_aThe term Lexile will be automatically added to 521_b
Lexile Code2758521_aThe term Lexile will be automatically added to 521_b
Fountas and Pinnell Value2761521_aThe term Fountas and Pinnell will be automatically added to 521_b
Guided Reading Value2762521_aThe term Guided Reading will be automatically added to 521_b
Study Program Name2750526_a

Study Program Interest Code2751526_b
Study Program Reading Level2752526_c
Study Program Point Count2753526_x
Study Program Test Number2759526_z
Study Program Have Test2754526_9
Study Program Holding Code2755526_5
First Subject2651


Second Subject2652


Third Subject2653


Fourth Subject2654


Fifth Subject2655


Bibliographic Term2040653_aSeparate each term by \
Curriculum Term2041658_aSeparate each term by \
URL Description2531856_y
Call Number2063900_a
Don't Show Title in Researcher2042917_a
Policy Code2052