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Maintenance Strategies

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Develop a Machine Maintenance Strategy

Although today's state-of-the-art computers are largely reliable, they can experience damage through excessive use, power fluctuations, crashes, and incorrect operations. To discover or postpone such damage, you should come up with a maintenance strategy that works for your library. Optimally, Alexandria should not be running as a service during any maintenance operations.

In addition, you should regularly perform a virus scan with antivirus software. It's important that Alexandria is not an active service when performing such scans and that the Alexandria Data Folder be excluded from these scans.

Defragment & SSD

Never perform defragmentation operations on an SSD (solid-state drive); doing so provides no performance benefits and adds excessive wear to the drive’s limited lifespan.

Develop an Alexandria Maintenance Strategy

Alexandria automatically runs daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance. For these to complete, you need to run Alexandria on a central server as a service at all times. If Alexandria is shut down for whatever reason, required maintenance will not complete, and that can affect your data.

However, hardware or system failure may necessitate running maintenance more often; Database Maintenance disables all services while it is cleaning your data and can take several hours depending on the size of your data and speed of your machine. You should backup or archive prior to a manual Rebuild (i.e. Database Maintenance), just as you should with any other utility.

Evaluate the Security of Your Data Station

Some libraries may not have the funds or hardware necessary to have both a dedicated Data Station and accessible clients. If your Data Station is accessible to the general public, you may want to enable additional security that would prevent unauthorized users from deleting, renaming, or moving your Alexandria application or Data folder. Some file security may be built into your operating system; some operating systems have no such security and would require purchasing third party software to provide that file security.

If you don't have file security on your Data Station, you should be extra vigilant in backing up your Data folder.