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Message Center

Last Updated: Mar 22, 2020 22:24

Alexandria's Message Center allows you to receive notifications from COMPanion and other partners; these notifications contain data or information from COMPanion or COMPanion-sanctioned third parties and will vary depending on what features you are licensed to use. The interface for the Message Center window has a single list, with the most recent COMPanion messages shown first.

Keep an eye on new messages to learn about workshops, surveys, updates, and more!

The Message Center icon resides alongside the Operations Management and Help icons in the Circulation module.

Click on the Message Center icon to open the Message Center and display a list of your notifications; when you have unread notifications or receive notification that new messages are available, a red dot appears on the Message Center icon. New messages are checked for when Alexandria performs Daily Operations.

Message Center: Basics
  • Alexandria checks for new messages:
    1. During Daily Operations and 
    2. anytime the Message Center interface is activated

  Notifications or important files from other third-party partners are also included when Alexandria checks for new messages.

  • Alexandria retrieves COMPanion notifications based on your Data Station's serial number.
  • Alexandria remembers the last time that the Message Center was opened (per site); this becomes the individual cut-off point for all new messages.