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Network Printer Security Certificate Form

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COMPanion Network Printer Security Certificate Agreement and Information Request Form

We request that your network tech or whoever is responsible for assigning or reserving IP addresses and adding records to the DNS server complete this form. It is important that we get the correct information as charges can be applied to the creation of new security certificates if the supplied information is incorrect.

Thank you for purchasing the COMPanion Network Receipt Printer.

Please review our Receipts Support Center page for important information on how these printers work with web browsers and Alexandria printer settings. For KeepnTrack, see the Workstation Management Support Center page.

Current standards for security don’t allow mixed content. That means all parts of a secure connection must be secure, including sounds, text, images, and printing.

In order to make the printing aspect secure, which is required because your connection to Alexandria or KeepnTrack is also secure, we need some very specific information about your network and DNS. Please fill out this form individually for each printer that needs a certificate:

First, we need the IP address that will be reserved for the printer (must be the static IP assigned in the COMPanion Network Receipt Printer). 


Next, we need you to assign and provide us with the printer’s name and domain. This is optional, but we highly recommend you use them. A name and domain make your printer easier to identify and remember. Our printer preferences are browser-based, meaning you’ll need to re-enter some information if the cache is cleared. And it’s a lot easier to remember a name/domain than your IP when filling things out! 

Your printer name can be anything you want, though we recommend making it easy to remember. One common method is to have the printer’s name reflect its location, such as “frontdesk” or “supplyroom”. You can use characters that follow the LDH rule (letters a-z, digits 0-9, hyphen). Meanwhile, the domain will be your school or institution’s domain on your network. 

Example: A printer name of printer1 and a domain of would combine as This, or your IP address, is what you’ll need when configuring your printer to work with Alexandria or KeepnTrack.

Recommended but not required.

Recommended but not required.

If a printer name and domain can't be assigned for some reason, you can leave these blank. You’ll use your IP address instead. But you may need to allow your browser a security exception to print. 

, we need the email address of the IT team member who should receive the certificate and key files. 


Please complete the following line items so we can create the certificate for the printer:

Please review the information above and verify it’s correct before submitting.

It may take up to three business days for the work to be completed. Please call COMPanion Customer Support for assistance with the printer setup once you have received your network printer certificate. You can also reference our Network Receipt Printer Installation Guide for Alexandria or our Network Receipt and Badge Printer Guide for KeepnTrack.

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