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Patron Actions

Actions Menu

Patron > Actions menu

When a patron is selected, the Actions dropdown menu contains record-specific actions and other tools that don’t fit as well with the functions offered in the patron Records List tools. These include:

Remove Patron

This selection permanently removes the selected patron or operator record. Patrons cannot be removed if they have items checked out or owe money to the library.

Browse for Patron Pictures

This selection opens an operating system standard explorer window, allowing you to guide Alexandria to the location of your saved patron image. You can use GIFs, BMPs, PICs, JPGs (or most standard image files) as viable formats to add a picture to your patron record. When applicable, the picture will appear in the Personal Info tab of the Patrons Management module and in the Current Patron pane of Circulation.

Remove Patron Pictures

Clears the patron or operator picture from the Personal Info tab. Once removed, the patron or operator picture will default to what you have set in your Patron Pictures preferences.

Take Patron Picture

Opens a window so you can take a picture of the patron with your webcam.

Show Details

This selection displays the details for the current patron.

Show History

This selection is essentially the same as the running an individual Patron History report which contains the history of patron or operator transactions. This is the same report you'll get by selecting History in the Current Patron > Actions menu, or Show History in Patron Management > Statistics.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Remove Patrons (or Operators)

There are times you may need to remove patrons who no longer use your library or operators who are no longer authorized to access the Alexandria. Use Remove Patron to permanently remove the current patron or operator and ensure the security of your site(s).

When a record is removed, all associated information is also removed. For example, removing a patron also removes all history and statistics and any holds or reservations that the patron had pending. A patron with items checked out can not be removed until all items have been returned to the library or recorded as Lost.

  1. Log in to the Patrons module by adding /patrons to the end of your Alexandria login URL.
  2. Click Find to search for and locate the patron you wish to remove.
  3. Using the Patron Lookup dialog, provide qualifying information about the patron (e.g. Last NameBarcode, etc.) and click Search (or press <enter>).
  4. If results—multiple or exact—are located for your search, the Records List pane of the Patrons management window will be populated with the patron record(s) that most closely match your criteria.
  5. Select (highlight) the patron you'd like to remove from the Records List of results on the left.
  6. From the Actions drop-down menu, select Remove Patron.
  7. You will be asked if you’re sure you'd like to permanently remove the selected patron; click Remove to expunge them or Cancel to keep them in your database.
  8. Patrons can not be removed if they still have items checked out. If a patron owes any fines or charges, you can still remove them, but their fines will be cleared from the system.

Archive your database before you remove any patrons or operators! Removing a record is permanent and cannot be undone without manually re-entering their information or recovering the information from one of your database archives.