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Patron Contact

Last Updated: Aug 23, 2021 10:44


The Contact tab identifies contact information for the patron, including the parent or guardian you need to contact in case of emergency. You may enter more than one name, address, and email by separating them with a comma.


Additional Contact

Enter the patron's parent or guardian. This information is used solely for reference.

Phone and Mobile

Enter the phone number and fax number that should be used to notify the patron of special events, overdue items, in-stock holds, and other official library business.

Address, City, State, Postal Code, and Country

Enter the patron's mailing address. Notices and letters will be sent to this address.

Primary Email

Enter the patron's primary email address. This is the email used for all email notifications (like overdue notices), matching with your SIS, and resetting passwords. To guarantee that email notifications are being sent, check the Enable Automatic Email Notifications box in your Circulation Settings preferences.

(lightbulb) Just Text Me Please!Enter an SMS email address to send notices via text message.

Other Emails

Enter additional emails (e.g. parent/guardian) and separate them by commas. This field is mostly for reference and in most cases these addresses won't receive notifications. 

As of Alexandria version 21.2, you can choose to send some email notices to only the Primary Email or all emails on a patron's record for the following notice reports. That way, you can make sure both patrons and parents/guardians get a notice if necessary.

Contact Notes

Use this field to enter notes on how to contact this patron or the patron's legal guardians. You can also use the Contact Notes field to track names, additional phone numbers (cell, home, work, or fax), and email addresses.

Patron contact information can be viewed and changed by patrons in the Researcher interfaces, if your security preferences allow.