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Patron Defaults

Last Updated: Feb 04, 2021 13:55

Patron Defaults

Tools > Preferences > Patrons > Patron Defaults tab
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Use these preferences to configure some of the default settings applied to new patrons when they are added to your system; for example, set the patron's Default Policy and Next Barcode.


Barcode Settings

  • Next Barcode. New patrons are assigned this, the next available barcode number, unless you assign them a number manually. You should set this field when you first configure Alexandria so that new patrons are assigned barcodes that coincide with your numbering strategy.


  • Default Policy. Select the default patron policy to use for new patrons. If a user-created patron policy is selected and later removed from your Policies, this preference will revert back to Standard Patron. Review the Policies section for more information about implementing policies for patrons and items.

Security Groups

  • Default Security Group. Select the security group you want applied to new patrons by default; ordinarily, this should always be set to Patron or Patron Limited. Review the section Preferences Configuration Security for more information about assigning (and removing) access levels for patrons and operators.