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Patron Notes


The Notes tab can be used to include information about groups for which the patron belongs or general notes about the patron. If any notes are attached to a patron record, you can view them by clicking Notes at the bottom of the Current Patron pane of Circulation.



Enter information about groups the patron belongs to; for example, special reading programs, at-risk students, special education students, gifted students, library contest students, or any other groups that you find useful. These category entries can be used to select patron records for reports.

Alert Notes

This field is used to make the librarian aware of special circumstances regarding a patron.

For example, you can create an alert note so that you may "pass along" certain information to the patron the very next time they use the library. The alert message will automatically appear on the Circulation module when you enter the patron's barcode number.

General Notes

This field can be used to attach additional comments about a patron. These comments can only be viewed from the Circulation module.

To view notes for the current patron in Items Management, click Notes at the bottom of the Current Patron pane in Circulation or enter a plus sign (+) in the Circulation command line.