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Patron Rules

Last Updated: Feb 04, 2021 13:58

Patron Rules Preferences

Preferences > Patrons > Patron Rules tab
(warning) SYSTEM Preference

  • Keep History For All Patrons. When checked, a complete transaction history will be kept for all the patrons who are added to your library system.
  • Disable account expiration dates. Ignores the calendar date when patron accounts expire, and disables the Account Expiration field in Patrons Management and the Days Patron's Account is Active field in Policies.

Video: Disable Account Expiration Dates

Disable Patron Card Expiration Dates (0:52) (info)

If you don't need your patron's cards to expire, you can Disable Card Expiration Dates.

Download (9.5 MB) | Script (PDF)

In 20.7, the term "card expiration" was renamed "account expiration" throughout Alexandria. Other than the renaming of some preferences and fields, nothing has changed.