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Place a Hold

Last Updated: Sep 30, 2020 10:47

Place a Hold

Patrons can place holds or make reservations on items from the Researcher Workstations if the Show Hold Controls and Show Reservation Controls preferences are set accordingly.

If you are logged in, holds and reservations can be placed from the Details control bar in your search results list. Simply use Place Hold or Place Reservation to place a hold or reservation. If you have highlighted more than one item, the Search interface will choose the one you selected.

Below is a flow chart showing in general how Holds function. For instance, if a patron places a hold on an unavailable copy which will be returned to his current location, it will be listed as On-Shelf Hold until it is returned, at which time it will be transferred to In-Stock Hold.

Hold Statuses 

A hold allows a patron to request a copy of a book so that it can be picked up later, or if the book is currently checked out, allows the patron to request it once it has been returned. Once an item has been placed on Hold by a patron, it will be assigned a status. This status will be automatically assigned. These statuses will be explained below.

  • On-Hold. A request has been made for a copy of a title when it becomes available.

  • On-Shelf Hold. A request has been made for a specific copy, however, this copy is still on the shelf somewhere in the library. The librarian can run an On-Shelf report, retrieve all the titles on the report and bookdrop them so Alexandria can set the status to In-Stock.

  • In-Stock Hold. A specific copy has been assigned to fill the request and is in the Holds area. If a hold request has been made against a book that is currently checked out, when it is returned, it will automatically be listed as In-Stock.

  • In-Stock Expired. A specific copy is in the holds area, however, the patron has either cancelled the request or the request has expired. The librarian should periodically run a scheduled Expired In-Stock Holds report to see In-Stock Expired copies that need to be returned to the library system.

  • In-Transit Hold. A hold request has been made against a copy in a mult-site system and is currently being transferred.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Hold requests are placed on titles rather than individual copies. A patron who places a hold on an item is alerted when a copy of the title becomes available. If an item is currently available, an in-stock hold is placed. Otherwise, a standard hold request is placed.

Place a Hold in Researcher
  1. Select the Hold link from the Full results list or click the Place Hold button when viewing Item Details window.
    1. If you're not already logged in, enter your username and password in the Log In dialog.
  2. If an item is available for in-stock hold, a confirmation window will appear, informing you that your item is available and will be held until the date your patron policies determine.
  3. Click Okay to close the window.

If an item is not available, a confirmation window will appear informing you that the item will be held when if becomes available followed by the date that the hold request expires—determined by your patron policies.

Change Hold Position

When a patron has more than one item on hold, the librarian can change the order of the holds through the Change Position option at the bottom of the Holds page under the Item subtab.

  1. Go to the Holds tab, then the Item subtab.
  2. Select the line item you'd like to change the Hold position for.
  3. Click Change Position. This will bring up the Change Queue Position and allows you to enter a spot in the queue.
  4. Click Save if everything is correct or click Cancel if you need to start over or change anything.