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Quick Reports

Last Updated: Mar 25, 2022 15:53

Quick Reports

Quick reports are basically templates that do not store custom selection settings and are mainly used for running one-time reports or as a foundation for custom Saved reports. Any modifications made to a particular report are discarded immediately upon clicking on another category or report title. However, if you would like to save the Quick report you’ve just modified, click Create Saved Report at the bottom of the Selected Report pane. After adjusting the default report name (optional), your new report—including custom settings—will be added to the Saved tab.


Reports are organized in categories and subcategories. Click the arrow to expand or contract the subcategories. Select a category or subcategory title to view the list of associated reports in the Report Selection pane. For example, if you want to run a Charges and Overdue Fines report, there are three ways to find it:

  1. Select All Reports.
  2. Select the Circulation category.
  3. Expand the Circulation category and then select the Charges and Payments subcategory.

Remember, the list of available reports depends on both the category/subcategory you've selected and whether you're in the Quick or Saved tab.

Report Selection

Once you've selected a category or subcategory, the associated reports will be listed in the Reports Selection pane on the right. You can further narrow your the list of reports by entering a term in the filter bar. Categories and filters can be applied in various ways. For example, if you select Circulation from the report Categories pane, the Report Selection pane will only display Circulation reports; if you select a Circulation subcategory (e.g. Listings, Notices, Holds, etc), your results will be further refined.

Once you've sufficiently narrowed your filter criteria, scroll through the Report Selection list to locate and select the specific report you would like to view, modify, or run. The settings in each tab vary per report.

Selections tab
Options tab