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Scout Preferences

Last Updated: Feb 04, 2021 14:04

Scout Preferences

Tools > Preferences > Researcher > Scout
(warning) SITE Preference

Scout is a simple search interface used to quickly locate materials in your library without the complexity associated with other interfaces, returning the most likely results first. Scout was designed with touch interfaces in mind, making it a perfect interface for tablets such as the iPad.

  • Require Login to Access Scout. When checked, access to the Scout interface requires a valid patron Username and Password. Only check this box if you don't want the Scout interface open to the public. When unchecked, your online catalog is open to the public via your Data Station's IP address (or domain name), port number, and (optional) serial number, followed by “/scout”. See Accessing Alexandria for more information.
  • Preferred Study Program. The selection made from this drop-down menu determines which study program is displayed in the Scout's result details (if the Show Study Programs box is checked in the Results List tab).
    • None
    • Accelerated Reader
    • Reading Counts
    • Fountas and Pinnell
    • Guided Reading
  • Style
    • Bubbly Ocean
    • Professional

Results List

Tools > Preferences > Researcher > Scout > Results List
(warning) SITE Preference

  • Show Title
  • Show Call Number

Results Details 

These preferences toggle the visibility of the specified data in the item details in the Scout interface. For example, if Copyright Year is checked, the Copyright Year appears in Scout's item details.

  • Show Copyright Year. When checked, the Scout interface will include an item's copyright year (if available) in Scout's item details.
  • Show Lexile. When checked, the Scout interface will include an item's Lexile information (taken from the 521 tag, if available) in Scout's item details.
  • Show Study Program. This preference determines whether your preferred Study Program information will appear in Scout's search result details. The study program shown is determined by the Preferred Study Program setting. Your study program information must be entered correctly in the 521 ( ; Fountas & Pinnell) or 526 ( ; Accelerated Reader and Reading Counts) tags; applicable study program information is generally stored in the 526_c tag. Reading level information can be accessed and modified in the Study Program subtab of Items Management. This preference ignores Lexile information; that value is displayed independently, determined by the Show Lexile preference (above).
  • Show Reading Level. When checked, a reading program point indicator will appear in Scout's item details.

Default Visibility 

This preference toggles the default state of the Hide/Show Out control in the Scout interface. For example, if Hide Out is selected, all materials currently checked out will be hidden from Scout's search results.

  • Hide Unavailable Items
  • Show Unavailable Items