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Search Lists

Last Updated: Mar 25, 2022 15:53

If you find items in your search results that you would like to save for later reference, the Lists menu (located next to the Search pane) allows you to add one or more titles to a temporary or saved list which can then be duplicated, shared with others, or even printed. The titles in these lists can be sorted by title, author, series, rating, and more.

After logging in, the default Temp List icon becomes the My Lists icon, allowing you to view existing or create new saved lists.

What is a Temp List?

The Temp List is used to temporarily store items during the current session and is mainly available to those who have not yet logged into their account. Be aware that anything saved to the Temp List is short-lived and will be cleared the moment your current session expires, the browser is refreshed, or you log out.

If you added items to the Temp List before you logged in, they will remain in the list after you log in. However, if you log out with items still in your Temp List, they will be discarded.

What are My Lists?

If you want to create your own, permanent saved lists, you'll need to log in using your Username and Password; this can be done from the Header Bar of the Search interface. After signing in, you can either continue adding titles to the Temp List or to your own custom Saved Lists.

Once a list has been selected from the Temp List or My Lists menu, the contents will be displayed like all other Researcher search results, including access to a recognizable (albeit slightly modified) Lists control bar. If you select a list that has no titles, your results will appear empty.

Selecting a title from your temporary or saved list is the same as clicking on a title in Search Results.


All lists are preceded by a dynamic header that provides tools to help further refine your temporary or saved title lists and total the number of items stored. Certain options are not available when a patron is not logged in.


Only public lists can be shared with others. It creates a special URL that can be copied and pasted into an email, document, or instant message. The alphanumeric GUID (globally-unique identifier) that appears after the ((savedlist:: query type in the generated URL can be used when composing your own search strings.


Print a list of the items in your list. If you've selected one (or more) items from your temporary or saved list, you have the option of printing only Selected Items. Otherwise, your report will include All Items from the temporary or saved list. Printing formats include: 

    • Simple List. Prints titles in your list with simplified information.

    • Bibliographic Format. Prints a numbered bibliography.

    • Citation Format. Prints titles in a bibliographic format.

    • Short Details. Prints key data for each title.

    • Full Details. Prints all title information.

    • Notes. This report includes the citation for the title(s) as well as the project name, all given notes, and other questions or issues to research; this report prints one page for each item in your temporary or saved list.

    • MARC Records. Prints MARC records for each title.

    • Study Program Details. Prints all records with study program information.


 Among other things, this allows you to Add All... or Add Selected... search results to a user-created Saved List or the default Temp List.

    • Add Selected to List.  This option only appears if you have multiple items selected in the temporary or saved list. It allows you to move one or more items to another list in the Lists menu.
    • Add All to List. This allows you to move everything in the temporary or saved list to another list.
    • Edit List. Opens the Edit Saved List dialog, which allows you to modify or rename the List Name and Sharing options.
    • Duplicate List. This selection allows you to make a copy of the current list.
    • Remove All. This will remove every item in your temporary or saved list. A confirmation dialog will appear asking if you are sure you would like to remove your titles; click Yes to continue or No to cancel.
    • Delete List. This will permanently remove the saved list. Every list, with the exception of Temp List, can be removed. A confirmation dialog will appear asking if you are sure you would like to remove the list; click Yes to continue or No to cancel.


 This button allows you to sort your temporary or saved list by Relevance (default), Title, Series, Author, Call Number, Rating, etc.


Filter your temporary or saved list by Authors, Awards, Genre, Language, Copy Location, Medium, Year, Subjects, and Stars. Read Search Results for more on search filters.

Create New Saved List

Alexandria Researcher: Create Your Own Lists (2:46) (info)

Alexandria Search and Explore let you add books to lists. 

Download  (31 MB) | Script (PDF)

You must be logged in to make a new saved list. Then, select Create Saved List... from either the main Lists menu or the Lists menu within an item's details.

  • List Name. Enter a name for your new list. It does not have to be unique.
  • Sharing. Decide whether the list is for Public or Private use. If Private is selected, your saved list can only be viewed by you and your Password will be required before it can be accessed. If Public is selected, your list can be viewed by anyone with the correct URL. Public lists may be linked to directly via URLs which can be generated using the Share button—even when a user isn’t logged in.
  • Save. When you've finished providing the name and access for your new list, click Save.

Add Items to a List

There are a couple of ways you can add (or move) titles from search results (or current lists) to the default Temp List or user-created Saved Lists.

  • Select one or more items from the Results List and click Add to List. You can then Add All... or Add Selected... titles to the list of your choice. Although the Temp List is always available, the ability to select a saved list is unavailable if you are not currently logged in. If you are logged in, a small pop-up of available choices will assist you in selecting the appropriate saved list; mousing over a particular list will temporarily highlight it.
  • You can also drag-and-drop one or more titles into the Temp List or My Lists to add them. If you are logged in and drag them into My Lists, the menu will automatically open, allowing you to drop your items directly into the list of your choosing. You can also move items from one list to another by dragging-and-dropping them into new (or different) lists. Use <ctrl>-click (Windows) or <cmnd>-click (Macintosh) to select non-adjacent items and <shift>-click to select groups of items.
  • When item(s) are added to temporary or saved lists, the number overlayed on the Lists icon will increment accordingly.

Remove Items From a List

For removal options to appear, you must be viewing the list you want to remove items from. Click on My Lists and select the list.

There are two ways to remove an item from a saved or temporary list:

  • Select the item(s), click on the List icon  in the header above results, and click Remove Selected. If you want to remove all items from the list, click Remove All.

  • Or, you can select the item(s), click on the List icon  within the item details, and click Remove From List.

Remove Multiple Items

You can remove multiple items at once by holding down SHIFT, selecting the items (you can release SHIFT once all desired items are selected), and then using either method above to remove them.

Share Lists and Results

Alexandria Researcher: Share Lists and Results (1:41) (info)

When you find something great in Alexandria, you can share it.

Download  (20 MB) | Script (PDF)