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Search and Patrons Interface Workshop

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2021 13:37

30 October 2018

Search and Patrons Interface (54:17)

Learn how to get the most out of Patron Status, Search, Scout, and other patron tools, with our certified trainers as your guide.

Please take a few minutes to let us know your thoughts about the workshop.

Download (542.6 MB)

Frequently Asked Questions

 Do all users have access to Patron Status and the ability to make holds and reservations?

Yes, any person added to your system will be given access to Patron Status and other patron-facing portions of Alexandria.

 Can I control what information a patron can change when they're logged in to a Patron Status?

Yes, with your Security Group preferences you have the ability to control how much information (if any) that your patrons can edit.

 Can I share search results and information from Alexandria?

Yes! After you've performed a search, you can share the entire list of results or information for individual item information. You can also create a custom search list and share that with anyone you like.

 What is the difference between a Public and Private list?
  • A public list can be shared and viewed by anyone that you've sent the link to.
  • A private list is viewable only to the patron who created it, when they're logged in.
 How can I make changes and updates to my Explore search buttons?

That's all done through Explore Builder, which we'll be going over in a future workshop. 

 How can I change a Researcher pane?

To select a new pane, go to Preferences>Researcher, and click on Select New Pane, select the desired pane, and click OK. If you want to change the pane itself, go to Tools>Explore Builder, and make the changes to the appropriate Explore Pane.

 How can I see and write reviews on Items?

First, go to the top right corner of the window and log in to your account. Next, search for and select an item, then click on the rating stars in the center of the window to view the reviews.

 What is the difference between Search and Scout?
  • Scout is more for a younger or less experienced audience, that is limited to only allowing you to view information and place holds.
  • Search has more advanced features for refining and showing additional results beyond your initial query. 
 Can I hide in processing copies in Researcher?

Yep! You can set copies to in processing (i.e. checked out to the In Processing system patron #7) if they're in your library but aren't ready to be placed on shelves yet. They will automatically be marked as unavailable in Researcher, but you can hide them if you'd like. In Researcher Preferences, check the In Processing box on the Auto-Hide tab.