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Slideshow Preferences

Slideshow Preferences

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Slideshow gives you a fun way to dynamically display any list of titles in your catalog for educational or promotional purposes. You can limit the Slideshow to display on a television or projector that does not allow user input or to a dedicated display that does allow user input—such as a tablet device on a display table. Additionally, one or several Slideshow URL's can be built and saved!


Slideshow Name

Enter the name of your slideshow here. The name will be shown at the top of the slideshow.

This field determines what items are displayed in Slideshow. Enter a single search term (like Harry Potter) to perform a relevancy-based Smart Search, or enter a more complicated search string. You can even paste a Search URL in this field, and Slideshow will search for and extract the search string. The possibilities are endless!

Read Search Strings for more information on using search strings and building syntax.

Predefined Searches

Click to select and apply some of our commonly-used search strings without having to understand the syntax. Recently Added Titles, Highest Rated Titles, and Titles With Awards are just a few of your available options. You can also choose from one of your public saved lists.

Slideshows will only display the first 100 items in the search results or saved list.


Choose between a Split or Preview layout. If you open a slideshow on a mobile phone, it will default to the mobile layout.

    • Split. The current slide displays cover art on the left and item details on the right. Click the arrow on the left to go back a slide, and click the arrow on the right to move to the next slide.
    • Preview. A carousel containing the items in your list is displayed below the current slide.
    • Mobile. The current slide displays item details only, and a carousel containing cover art for other items in your list is displayed below.


Set the duration of the slide interval in seconds. The default is 5 seconds, but it can go as high as 60 seconds.


Choose the type of transition: Drawer, Fade, Ken Burns, or Push.


Choose one of five styles: Bubbly Ocean, Classic, Seafoam, Professional, or Mosaic

View Slideshow

Preview the slideshow interface in a new browser tab to make sure it's working as expected.

Want to add a custom Slideshow to Explore? Read Custom Slideshow URLs to learn how!