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Special tab

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2021 14:37


Circulation > Special > Status

In upcoming interfaces, you'll access this feature through the Help menu. Learn more about the Makeover.

The information on the Status subtab shows the number of concurrent downloads, the number of current connections, your remaining hard drive space, and a shortcut to the Application Data Folder.

The Status subtab will also display the current date and time, how many communication channels are open, whether an application update is available.

Circulation Special tab Status subtab

System Info

Circulation > Special > System Info

The System Info subtab contains information about your system. This information is automatically attached to your email messages so that our Customer Support team has as much of the basic information as possible to help solve your problems and answer your questions.

Circulation Special tab System Info subtab

Please note that the information in these counters is used mainly for Customer Support analysis and may not be accurately interpreted by the uninitiated. For example, while the transactions counter might seem self-explanatory, it really only keeps track of current (outstanding) circulation transactions. Items that are currently reserved, put on hold, or circulated will increment the counter by one (+1); items that are checked back in will decrease the counter by one (-1). Therefore, to get an accurate count of your circulation transactions, don't rely on the counters below—run the Usage by Period report instead.

The Client Information section contains information about the client (you are using) that is currently connected to your data station.

License Info

Circulation > Special > License Info

The License Information subtab contains information about your Alexandria license. This information shows what you are registered to use. Note that you can also check your patron and item record limits.

Circulation Special tab License Info subtab