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Switch to Alexandria 7

Are You Ready?

Your success is our top priority. We want your switch to Alexandria 7 to be as easy and straightforward as possible — once you've switched, you can't go back! So before you get started, let's go over all the things you need to know.

(You might also be interested in watching our Switch to 7 video, which walks you through the exciting features in v7 and explains what you need to know before making the switch!)

Contact Us

Call your Account Executive at 800-347-6439 and let them know you want to make the switch. They'll go over your license and subscription options, and explain everything you need to know to make an informed decision. Then, if you want to proceed, they'll transfer you to Customer Support to make sure your system is ready.

Central Catalogs and Controllers

Everyone should be in the know, so we'll contact all of the end users at each active site to make sure they understand what's going to happen and how it will affect them.


Consider Cloud Hosting

Alexandria 7 is designed and optimized for the cloud. If you're running a self-hosted library, start saving time and resources with Cloud Hosting. Let us be your IT department! We'll manage your data, backups, hardware, server maintenance, and more. You'll always be on the latest version, so you always have the latest features. Ask your Account Executive about moving to Cloud Hosting today.

Prerequisites for Self Hosted

Cloud Hosted libraries are already eligible for the switch, but Self Hosted libraries have additional requirements to stay Self Hosted. If you need to update your system, now is the time.

    • Alexandria must be updated to version 6.23.1

 Review the changes

There are a lot of differences between 6 and 7 that will affect how you run your daily operations, and we don't want you to be caught unaware. Read through the list of changes and try out all of your usual activities in the demo. Go to the See What Changed tab for a list of suggestions.

Things to do

Not everything can be converted and transferred to Alexandria 7. Read the Things to Do list thoroughly and make note of everything you need to do once the switch is complete.

Back up your data

Alexandria will convert your current data into a format that is readable by the new program. Because nothing in life is guaranteed, we strongly recommend that you back up your data to an external drive before making the switch.

Once you make the switch to Alexandria 7, you will not be able to switch back to an older version.

Data Conversion

Our Conversions team will review the work order and call you in the next week to schedule the data conversion and version upgrade. It doesn't have to be now, though. If you decide you'd rather wait, give us a call back when you're ready. We'll do this on your time.

Time Frame

Your Alexandria library will be down during the conversion process, which which can take about 2 business days from the time we receive the data; larger districts and Central Unions with 10 or more sites may take longer. We recommend scheduling it for off-peak days.

Cloud Hosted Conversions

Already on Cloud Hosted? Fantastic! We've got everything we need to set up your new server. Easy peasy.

Self Hosted Conversions

The transition from Alexandria 5 or 6 Self Hosted is a bit different. Before we can schedule the transition, we'll need you to send in your library data so we can convert it to Alexandria 7 data. If you're moving to Cloud Hosted, which we strongly recommend, we'll get it set up on your new Cloud server. If you're sticking with Self Hosted, we'll send back your converted data so you can set up your new server manually.

Once your data has been sent, your database cannot be used again until the switch is complete and your new server is online.

A Word of Caution

We do not provide support for Alexandria Controllers running on a virtual machine. Alexandria Controller is a highly sophisticated database application that should be run on a dedicated server to optimize performance. While you can run it on a virtual machine, we don't recommend it. The resource-intensive nature of a controller's workload can place a significant strain on an inefficient VM, leading to challenges we will not be able to troubleshoot or diagnose. Refer to our Controller System Requirements for more technical information.

Try it Out

Alexandria 7 was designed based on Alexandria 6, so much of it should be familiar to you, but a lot of things have changed, too. We want you to hit the ground running, so we created Distributed and Centralized Catalog demos for you to try. Open the demo that matches your library setup, then test out all of the features you normally use and note the differences. Use the checklists below as a guide.

Distributed Catalog:

Centralized Catalog:

Not sure how to do something? Read our Support Center documentation or contact Support for assistance.


Circulation, Items, and Patrons are largely the same in both programs, so everything should feel familiar to you. Explore all of the tabs, buttons, and options to see where things were moved.

Explore Builder

The all-new Explore Builder lets you fully customize your Explore panes. Explore Builder includes hundreds of all-new modern icons at your disposal, so you can create buttons that navigate to predefined searches, specific items in your catalog, saved lists, external websites, panes in Search and Explore, bulletin boards, and more.

Explore buttons from Alexandria 6 will need to be recreated in Alexandria 7. Learn how:

  Create an Explore pane

  Configure Explore buttons

Modify the Researcher pane


No more Boolean options, at least not the way you're used to. We've simplified the selection options to only those that are relevant to the specific report, making it easier and faster to get the data you need. Run a quick report as-is, or customize it and save it for use later.

Because Alexandria 7 is a web app, all reports are generated in PDF format; VWP reports are no longer supported.

Old Saved reports will not transfer, so they will need to be recreated. The report titles in Alexandria 7 aren't the same as those in Alexandria 6, but the Reports Conversion Guide can help you match them up.

Run some of your favorite reports and compare the results to those in your current program. Here are a few suggestions:

    • Discarded or Lost Copies
    • Patron Overdue List
    • Loaned Items
    • Overdue Items Notice

We've made customizing your label reports so much better! You can choose what information to display, where it's displayed on the label, and whether it's bold, regular, or in color. For variable label reports, you even have the option to choose the font size and number of rows. Try it out!

 Customize a label report, like Copy Barcode Labels. 


Making reservations—in both Librarian and Researcher—is a breeze with our improved Reservations interface! There's even a calendar to help you easily select a date range.

 Check out the new and simple process

 Try it out in the demo

Cover Art

That's right! Now you can choose to include cover art when viewing, emailing, or printing patron details. 

 See what it looks like


Some of the most exciting changes are to our patron searching tools. Researcher is now a collection of tools for patrons. The main page is an Explore pane, which means you can choose which icons and links to display. The demo has buttons for each of the Researcher modules. Try them out on your computer and mobile devices to see how they work!

Go to Researcher and log in (top left) as a patron.

    • Username: 1001
    • Password: anderson


Students don't always search for a book by author and title. Browse gives your students a new way to look through your library shelves by genre — no searching or rearranging required. 

 Browse the demo by genre

Learn more


Not every student can read yet, but nearly everyone can click through pictures. Explore is a fully customizable, engaging search tool that uses pictures to guide patrons to the items in your library. Explore panes can be set up by genre, topic, theme, or anything else you'd like.

 Explore the demo by topic or category

Learn more


Scout is a streamlined search tool for the K-4 crowd, because younger students don't need to be confused by complicated search options. There isn't even a search button — just enter a word or phrase and Scout will start looking.

 Try Scout on a mobile device

Learn more


Display a slideshow presentation of titles from a list or search string. Use Slideshow to promote a theme or subject on a TV, computer, or tablet in your library!

  See what it looks like

Set up your own Slideshow

Alexandria Search is highly customizable, powerful, and fast. Find exactly what you want by searching keyword(s) in Smart Search, or use the drop-down menu to change the search type. You can refine your search by adding filters, like titles that have won awards or only titles with eBooks.

 Search for an item

 Refine your search results with filters

 Place an item on hold

 Create a list and add items to it

 Try an advanced search

Things to Do

Alexandria 7 has been has been completely redesigned as a web app, which means many of the tools and features have changed from what you're used to. Please read through the list carefully so you understand what needs to be done before and after the switch.

Authority Control

Authority Control has been redesigned and now works completely different than it did in Alexandria 6, and the existing index cannot be moved over. However, when your data is transferred, a new Authority Control index will be rebuilt based on your records.

 Learn about the new Authority Control.


Saved and scheduled Reports, Utilities, Imports, and Exports cannot be transferred.

 Run the Operation Summary report for a detailed list of your saved operations. Review the list for operations still in use, then plan some time to recreate them in once the switch is complete.

 Report formats and titles have also changed. Use the Reports Conversion Guide to determine which Alexandria 7 report best matches each Alexandria 6 report.

Learn more in the Support Center:

Explore Builder

Explore buttons and panes cannot be transferred. Now is the time to start fresh! Review your Explore panes to ensure your icons are updated and your custom searches are relevant, then use the new interface to tailor-fit your patron searching experience.

Run the Explore Pane Summary report for a detailed list of your Explore panes and buttons, so you know what to recreate.

 Learn about the new Explore Builder.

Researcher Lists

Alexandria Researcher is brand new, which means your Saved lists will not transfer.

Make note of the lists you have and want to save, then re-create them in Search once the switch is complete.

 Learn about Search Lists.

Researcher links cannot be transferred because they're handled differently now. In Alexandria 7, links are added to the title record and are displayed in the item details in Search results.

Write down the URLs of the links you want to save, so you can re-incorporate them later.

 Learn about Title Record Links.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts have been redone, so they'll need to be relearned.

 Print off the v7 Circulation Commands cheat sheet.

Learn more in the Support Center:

Union Site (Centralized Catalog)

The Union Site cannot be used to circulate items in Alexandria 7, so all items assigned to the Union Site will be given a copy status of In Processing.

Reassign all items from the Union Site to a registered site.

    • If items need to be circulated from a district site, please speak with your Account Manager about purchasing a new district site subscription.

 Learn more in the Support Center:

z39.50 Address Book

The z39.50 Address Book has been discontinued in favor of a new stand-alone preference in Alexandria 7. During the transition, Alexandria will convert the top ten addresses set to Available; all others will need to be added manually.

 If you have more than ten z39.50 addresses, write them down so you can add them back later.

Learn more in the Support Center:


Alexandria 6 slip printers are not compatible with Alexandria 7, so it may be time to upgrade to the Alexandria Network Printer — it's fully integrated with Alexandria 7 and can be shared by multiple stations.

 Contact our Sales Team at 1-800-347-6439 for more information.


Due to lack of interest, Orders and Budgets are not available in Alexandria 7.

Switch to 7 Video

Switch to 7: What You Need To Know (40:07)

Are you thinking about upgrading to Alexandria v7? See what exciting features v7 has to offer and get up to speed on what you need to know before making the switch.