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What's coming to Alexandria?

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Recent features

These are all live as of the latest version:

Alexandria Makeover!

New look and lots of new features!

New with the Makeover 23.7

Reports beta available! Also, Notices and Labels betas.

Try out the Reports beta, and let us know what you think!

Keep an eye out for:

  • Report format previews (know which report it is before you run it!)
  • Prompts to save your report for later
  • Easy category or list viewing

New with the Makeover 23.6

Bulletin Board beta available, with html editor. Try out the beta, and give us your feedback!

New with the Makeover 23.5

Circulation: Transaction Log retained across sessions

New with the Makeover 23.4

Circulation: Multiple payments print on a single receipt

Merge titles in Items Management

Maps Management joins the Makeover

Portuguese in Librarian

New with the Makeover 22.8/22.9

Series lookup from Circulation

Librarian dashboard

Homeroom tab patron pictures + check-out indicator

And lots more!

Ebook sites

Add site codes to your ebook urls so they only show up for patrons searching your site!

Patrons Items Out Count report

See who does and doesn't have a particular title!

Textbook Tracker only. Do you want to see this report in Alexandria? Let us know!

Most Popular

Highlight what's popular in your library!

Merge titles

In Items Management you can now merge duplicate titles!

Tell us how Alexandria is working for you!

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Beta Early Access & User Research Group

Do you want to see early concepts and beta releases of new features? The easy way is to sign up for our beta access list, where we'll send information, sneak peeks, and early access to beta modules.

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If you are interested in giving more in-depth feedback and contributing to ideas before they reach beta, sign up for our user research group.

Here are a few things we're working on now.

Contact us with any questions, or send us your ideas!

Cool new features, coming "sooner"

New Search, Browse, & Explore (betas coming this winter) which includes:

  • Logos on patron interfaces
  • "Most Popular" in Browse
  • "Find more" in Browse
  • Browse by Medium
  • Sorting and filters in Browse
  • Click on the title to see full details
  • Shelf View in Search
  • Mobile-friendly Search
  • And more

TeachingBooks integration  (coming this winter)

Updated Security interface in the style of the Makeover (beta coming this winter)

Updated Calendars interface in the style of the Makeover (beta coming this winter)

Updated Utilities interface in the style of the Makeover (beta coming this winter)


Cool new features, coming "later"

Enhanced email notices (more control over 'automatic' emails!)

New icon sets with our cute new icons~ (available this spring from our new support center...)

  More advanced selections for reports/labels

Textbooks Coming Due Items Notice & Overdue Items or Unpaid Charge Notice for TT

Updated Policies interface in the style of the Makeover

Special Status Copies report for TT, Recompute Due Date utility for TT

Customize Email Subjects for Report Notices

Reports for cross Library/Textbook Tracker information

Inventory Management for Textbook Tracker

Performance and reliability

 Depreciate Circulation Groups in Alexandria, as they are not being used

Add Circulation Groups to Textbook Tracker

Depreciate Routes

Re-engineered Admin (for self-hosted users) (coming this winter)

 Improved sessions (not have to log in as often)

Improved password security (coming this summer)

Ongoing (almost every release)

Enhanced operations (ongoing)

 UTF-8 support (character optimization) (ongoing)

Utility and report cleanup (fixing formatting, improving security, etc) (ongoing)

More on our list...

Operation summary report (see all saved operations)

New Researcher style (color theme)

Patron Reading Level report

Patron History report from Reports (run it for multiple patrons at once)

New Copy label report for 5x10 TALL

Hold Confirmation "Letter"

Hold Queue Summary report

Custom 3-column reports (make your own report)

Widget Builder & more widgets

Slideshow Builder, or, saving multiple Slideshows

We're also considering...

  • Advanced Data Retention (options to keep old data)
  • BestMARC for new titles
  • Waivers
  • A way to run favorite reports from command line, or explore buttons
  • A way to consolidate grade table vs authority grades
  • Alexandria Researcher iOS app
  • A way to browse public saved lists
  • A way to automatically change copy condition based on age etc.
  • Textbook Tracker "Courses"
  • Recommended Titles
  • A way for patrons to request items (can do now with a google form...)

Once we have drones, they will work on these...

These real answers from a 2018 survey still make us smile!!!

 What is one thing we could do to make you happier?

  • You could send collectors to retrieve overdue books from students :-)
  • come do my inventory for me!
  • establish world peace LOL
  • sell pizza?

  • Come clean the library for us?  :)

  • Increase your market share, especially over Follett Destiny. I get tired of hearing how great they are. I have used that system and like yours much better.

  • Make it free...... ;)

We care about your ideas!

We love hearing your suggestions for Alexandria. Fill out our form whenever inspiration strikes!