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Users can access the online Volunteer Application form from the app picker screen or directly from the URL in your Volunteer Application preferences.

Volunteer Applications are a two-step process: First, the applicant will enter their personal information and select the facilities at which they would like to volunteer. Then they'll choose from a list of activities based on the Activities Management settings for the facility or facilities they've chosen.

Once an application has been submitted, operators with the appropriate authority can accept (or reject) the prospective applicant. This can also be done automatically, depending on your Volunteer Approval preferences. 

Want to stop accepting applications for the time being? The form can be turned off in your Volunteer Application Preferences.

Select the language for which you want to continue viewing the application. Operator-generated content, such as facilities, activities, and availability, will display in the language in which they were written.

As part of your application, a background check will be run based on the information you provide. If you consent to this background check, choose the first option; if you deny consent, choose the bottom.

Volunteer applications are protected by the Federal Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA) when third-party information is used in the evaluation of said application. The applicant can either freely give their consent for background checks with the understanding that the information obtained is subject to the protections of the FCRA and any applicable state laws or deny consent for use of background checks, understanding that their application may be rejected based on this decision.

Enter all pertinent personal information for the applicant in the fields described below.

  • First Name. Enter the first name of the applicant (e.g. Robert). Required.
  • Middle Name. Enter the middle name of the applicant (e.g. Scott).
  • Last Name. Enter the last name of the applicant (e.g. Smith). Required.
  • Prefix/Suffix. Enter any titles that come after the applicant’s name (e.g. PhD, Sr, Jr, etc.).
  • License State. Select the state in which the applicant's vehicle is licensed.

  • Birthdate. Enter the applicant’s date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy). Required.
  • Ethnicity. Choose the applicant’s ethnicity. (You can choose from a pre-determined list of ethnicities or customize the list in Kiosk Preferences.)
  • Sex. Select the applicant’s gender.
  • Volunteer Type. Select the type of volunteer they are (i.e. Student, Parent, etc.).
  • Driver License Number. If applicable, enter the applicant’s drivers license number.

Enter all pertinent address and contact information for the applicant in the fields described below.

  • Organization. If applicable, enter the name of business or organization for which this applicant works.
  • Employer. Enter the employer for which this applicant works.
  • Home Phone. Enter the applicant’s home telephone number.
  • Work Phone. Enter the telephone number where the applicant can be contacted during normal business hours.
  • Mobile Phone. If applicable, enter the cell phone number where the applicant can be reached.
  • Address Line 1 & 2. Enter the full address at which this applicant resides.
  • City. Enter the name of the city in which this applicant resides.
  • State or Province. Using the drop-down menu, select the state in which the applicant resides.
  • Postal Code. Enter the 5-digit ZIP code (zoning improvement plan) in which this applicant resides.
  • Email & Verify Email Address. Enter the email address where the applicant can be sent electronic notifications; this information is required in order to continue.

Select the facility (or facilities) in which the applicant would like to volunteer. For more information on how to add facilities to this list, please refer to Facility preferences.

Select the activities for which the applicant would like to volunteer. If you would like more information on how to add activities to this list, please refer to Activity Management.

If the applicant has preferred times or information they need to disclose they can submit detailed notes here.

  • Preferred Times. If the applicant would prefer to volunteer between any specific hours, make note of them here (e.g. “Prefer hours between 8:00am–11:00am”).
  • Application Notes. Any additional, relevant information about the applicant or the application process can be provided here.

When all application information has been provided, click Submit . If you would like to disregard the application, you may close the browser window at any time.

When an application is submitted, KeepnTrack will acknowledge the submission and display a default confirmation message. Depending on your Notifications preferences, you can append the “application received” notice with additional information pertaining to the current status of the application (e.g. Received or Approved). For example:

  • If your preferences aren't configured to perform automatic criminal background/sex offender checks or the volunteer was rejected, KeepnTrack will append the default confirmation with the Received notification text.
  • If automatic checks are enabled and no red flags are raised (i.e. the volunteer passes the checks), KeepnTrack will append the default confirmation with the Approved notification text.