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On the first tab and all subsequent tabs, you can either Approve or Reject the Volunteer Application. This determination should be made once all the pertinent information, including CBC and SOR reports have been either run or reviewed.

Reject Application

If the Volunteer Applicant has failed their background check and the Operator clicks on Reject Application they will the be presented with an alert dialogue in which they must decide whether to either Reject Application or Reject and Deny Access.

Reject Application

The Applicant will not be a Volunteer, however, they may attend future events as a Visitor or other classification.

Reject and Deny Access

If anything was discovered in the Volunteer Application research that deems it necessary, you can can reject the application and deny the person from future access to any of the Facilities being managed by KeepnTrack.

Make a selection, then click Continue.

If your preferences are set to send rejected notifications, you can customize that on the next screen. Choose if you want to send the notification to the volunteer, facility administrator, or both, then customize the message text, and click Send when you're done.

Remove Rejected Applications

When an application is rejected, it gets hidden away in Volunteer Management so you don't see it anymore. Rejected applications will be removed automatically after 13 months, but they can pile up in the meantime, so it's a good idea to clear those out every one in a while. Use the Remove Rejected Applications utility to permanently remove all rejected duplicate person records.

Approve Application

If the Volunteer applicant has failed their background check and you click Approve Application, you'll be asked to confirm that you do, in fact, want to approve an application that has failed the background check.

Selecting Cancel will close the screen, not reject the application.

A new Person record will be created for the volunteer once they have passed the CBC and their application is approved.

If your preferences require a background check to be performed for all volunteer applicants, the application cannot be approved until that has been completed and the applicant has passed.