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Kiosk Preferences (2:03)

Enhanced Security Preferences are discussed starting at 1:23 in the video.

These settings allow you to determine whether a birth date is required to sign in, per classification. A birth date is required in order for a Sex Offender Check to be run.

You can choose a different setting for Visitors, Volunteers, Students, Staff, and Vendors. The drop down options are:

Never require a birth date for sign in

The birth date field will be shown but not required to sign in to this classification.

Require unless Person ID is used

If the person is signing in to this classification using their name, they must enter their birth date. If they use their Person ID, the birth date is not required. This allows KeepnTrack to match the person signing in with the correct record.

Always require a birth date to sign in

The person signing in under this classification must enter their birth date to continue, whether signing in with their name or Person ID. This allows KeepnTrack to match the person signing in with the correct record, and provides extra security.

KeepnTrack provides you security features that allow you to limit access to Administration or the Kiosks to a specific physical location by designating up to four IP ranges. Enter a starting IP and ending IP for each location. If you are unsure of the IPs for your machine(s), contact your IT Department.

This is an Account-level preference, so it will be effective for all your facilities.