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KeepnTrack's Kiosks are what the majority of your users—volunteers, students, staff, vendors, and visitors—will interact with; they are used to sign people of all classification types in and out of your facilities. For example, you can set up an unattended Kiosk near the back door of the cafeteria—used specifically for vendors to sign in and out. In this instance, you wouldn’t need the Visitor, Student, or Staff options available.

Kiosks differ greatly from the Administrative module, which is used to change settings, approve applications, and perform sex offender and criminal background checks.

Which Kiosk Should You Use?

Attended Kiosk

An Attended Kiosk requires visitors to sign in/out through a school secretary or the front office, guaranteeing that everyone entering and leaving your school is monitored, not only by KeepnTrack, but also by actual school personnel. Potential sex offender results are reviewed by KeepnTrack operators at an Attended Kiosk so that the appropriate action can be taken, including the recording of false positives.

Self-Service Kiosks

The Self-Service Kiosk is a simplified interface that allows people to sign themselves in and out at designated stations without the help of school staff-saving both time and resources. This is most efficiently done with KeepnTrack ID tag cards; however, if these aren't utilized at your facility, those who are enrolled only need to provide their name and birthdate. However, a Self-Service Kiosk has no administrative functions, allows no management decisions, and can not be used to review potential sex offender matches. Questionable individuals who are flagged attempting to sign in through a Self-Service Kiosk are always directed to the main office for further evaluation.

Express Kiosk

KeepnTrack also provides an Express Kiosk mode. The Express module allows you three options to quickly sign multiple people into or out of a single activity, which is especially useful for activities that have a large number of people, such as a sporting event or for students who arrive late. The three options are, Sign In, Sign Out and Timed Sign Out. An example of how the Express Kiosk might be used would be in the event a visiting sports team's bus arrives late and it is necessary process all the team very quickly. By logging in and going to Express Kiosk and selecting Sign In you can lock in the activity, thereby allowing you to sign in all of the team quickly. The Express Kiosk was designed to be an Attended Kiosk.

Log In
  1. Access. You can access KeepnTrack's application picker in an internet browser. Enter your main KeepnTrack account address into the URL bar, such as Your login information is provided to you by COMPanion once you have officially licensed use of the KeepnTrack software.

  2. Login. Enter your username and password, then click Log In. 

  3. Facility. Select the facility for which Kiosk you would like to access. Depending on your administrative preferences, you may not have authority to select or access Kiosk windows for facilities other than your own. If you don't have any Facilities assigned to you, you'll be unable to log in.

Once you’ve successfully logged in and selected your facility, the kiosk will load.

As a future shortcut, you may wish to bookmark the KeepnTrack Application Picker. For most browsers, the bookmark hotkey is Cmd+D in Windows and ⌘+D in Mac.