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Click the padlock icon to unlock the patron record for editing.


  • Remove patron. Permanently removes the selected patron or operator record. Patrons cannot be removed if they have items checked out or owe money to the library.
  • Merge duplicate by barcode. Merges the current patron record with another that's specified by barcode. All charges, checkouts, history, and more from both records will be kept. 

     Merge Patrons Step-by-Step Instructions

    Merging Rules

    The "keep" record is one you want to keep, and the "merge" record is the one you want to copy data from and delete.

    If a field is blank in the "keep" patron record but filled in the "merge record", the final record will use what's in the "merge" record's field:

    "Keep" Record"Merge" RecordFinal Record


    If the same field is filled in both the "keep" and "merge" records, the final record will use what's in the "keep" record's field:

    "Keep" Record"Merge" RecordFinal Record

    All General, Category, Contact, and Alert Notes on the "merge" patron record will append to notes on the "keep" patron record:

    "Keep" Record"Merge" RecordFinal Record
    Needs to meet with librarianMrs. Apple's book club

    Needs to meet with librarian

    Mrs. Apple's book club

    How to Merge Patron Records

    Archive your database before you merge any patrons! Merging records is permanent and cannot be undone without recovering the information from one of your database archives.

    1. Log in to the Patrons module by adding /patrons to the end of your login URL.
    2. Click  Find to search for and locate the patron record you wish to keep ("keep" record).
      1. Using the Patron Lookup dialog, provide qualifying information about the patron (e.g. Last NameBarcode, etc.) and click Search (or press <enter>).
      2. If results—multiple or exact—are located for your search, the Records List pane of the Patrons management window will be populated with the patron record(s) that most closely match your criteria.
      3. Select (highlight) the "keep" record from the Records List of results on the left.
    3. Make sure the patron record is  unlocked.
    4. From the  Actions drop-down menu, select Merge duplicate by barcode.
    5. In the Merge Records dialog, type the barcode of the patron you'd like to merge with the current patron ("merge" record). The barcode must consist of 3+ numbers. Click Continue.
    6. A confirmation dialog will appear. Review the details of the merge, and if everything looks correct, click Merge.
    7. The "merge" record will be deleted, and all data will be transferred to the "keep" record.

  • Take a picture. Use your webcam to snap a picture of the patron to save to their account.
  • Add a picture. Allows you to add a picture from your computer. Patron pictures can be uploaded in these formats: GIF, BMP, PNG, JPG. The patron picture will appear in Patron Status, Patrons Management, and Circulation.

  • Remove picture. Clears the patron or operator picture from the Personal tab. Once removed, the patron or operator picture will default to what you have set in your Patron Pictures preferences.
  • Show History. Download a PDF of this patron's history. It's essentially the same as running an individual Patron History report.
  • Show Details. View or print the details for the current patron.

Operations Management

Go to Operations Management to view and download your finished exports.


Having trouble? This will open support documentation for this topic in another tab.

Patron Records List

The Patron Records List is where all of the patron and operator records matching your Find criteria are listed. Use the Quick Search or Find tools to search for patrons and operators, then select a patron from the Patron Records List to view the record in the Current Record pane to the right.

If you have a patron open in Circulation, that patron record will also be open in Patrons Management, and vice versa.

Sort By

How do you want to sort your patrons?

    • Name
    • Barcode
    • Student #
    • Homeroom
    • Modification Date
    • Creation Date


Add a new patron or operator record to your database.

Quick Search

Which patrons are you looking for? Use these simple, predefined search options.

    • Recently Modified
    • Recently Created


Run a full search in the Patron Lookup dialog. Read more about this below.

Patrons Management includes a few important and distinct areas:

Search for and open a patron record, then click the padlock at the top of the window to unlock the record for editing. The current record open in the Patrons module will also be the current patron in the Circulation module, and vice versa.

Hover over or click on the items on the image below for more information.

Patron Lookup

To search for a patron record, click at the bottom of the Records List, or click Search on the blank screen when you first open Patrons Management. The Lookup dialog allows you to locate patrons or operators in your database that meet your criteria. For example, if you search for an operator with the last name of Anderson, every patron record matching that last name will be included in your results.

Search Field Variables

  • First and Last Names
  • Barcode, Student #, Grade
  • Lexile, Reading Level
  • Patrons Added, Birthdate, Graduation Date, Suspension End Date
  • Policy, Security Group, Status
  • Homeroom, 2nd Location
  • Username, Email, No Picture, No Email, Sex
  • Site
  • Add to current results box
    • When checked, add any patrons or operators found during this search will be added to the list of patrons already open in the Records List. When unchecked, the Records List will be cleared of everything except your most recent search results.

Use the From and Through fields to limit your search to a specific range.

  • If you enter only a From value, your results will include all records that begin with the entered text. Using Grade as an example, a solitary From value of GR1 would select grades GR100, GR10 and GR1B37. We recommend entering a value in both the From and Through fields, even if you are only searching for one value (e.g. Barcode From: 2005, Through: 2005).

Date Ranges can also narrow your search. Dates must be entered in the format specified in Preferences > Localization > Dates & Currency. You can click the calendar icon to select a date, or enter the date manually.

  • If you enter only a From (start) date, Textbook Tracker will calculate a date in the "far future" (30 years from today) as your Through date.
  • If you enter only a Through (ending) date, Textbook Tracker will calculate a date in the "far past" (01 Jan 1904) as your From date. 
  • If you don't enter any dates, From is set to one year in the past.

If no records matching your search criteria can be located, you will be asked to Cancel or Try Again.