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(warning) SITE Preference

These preferences are used to configure the sounds that play when certain events occur in Textbook Tracker. To change a sound setting, make a selection from the dropdown menus located to the right of each event description. For example, if you want the smooth, mellow tone of a saxophone to play when an item is checked in, choose Saxes from the drop-down menu located to the right of the Check In event in the Librarian sounds section. If you don't want Alexandria to play any sounds at all, uncheck Enable Textbook Sounds.

Click the speaker icon at the right of each dropdown menu to preview the selected sound.

Default Settings

Check In

Ting when an item is checked in.

Check In Exception

Whit 2 when there are check in exceptions, such as an item title assigned to a different site.

Check Out

Beep 2 when an item is checked out.

Circulation Exception

Bong when there is a circulation exception, such as attempting to check out an item when there is not a patron in the circulation window.

Circulation Fine

Clink when a patron with outstanding fines is made current in Circulation.

Fine Exception

Ring when there is a fine exception, such as issuing a patron refund that is more than the patron's current balance.

General Alert

Bell when there are general alerts, such as the item is already checked out or the item was inventoried at a different location.


Click 2 when an item is successfully inventoried.

Inventory Alert

Dee-Da when you encounter an exception during inventory, such as an item out of call number range.

New Patron

Ting 2 when a patron is made current on the Circulation window.

Patron Alert

Dee-Da 2 when a patron has an alert set.

Operation Complete

Da-Dum sound occurs when an import is finished or operations are completed.

Serious Alert

Ringing Bell when there are serious alerts, such as when an item cannot be checked in.